Photos: Girl Dies After Brain Eating Amoeba Attacked Her In South Carolina River..RIP Hannah Collins

brain eating amoeba south carolina

August 7, 2016 – Pictures: Girl Dies After Brain Eating Amoeba Attacked Her In South Carolina River..RIP Hannah Collins

A deadly amoeba has been discovered in South Carolina.

The brain-eating Amoeba popularly called Naegleria Fowleri is commonly found in warm fresh water.

If swallowed, it doesn’t cause serious illness however it can be fatal if it swims up the nose into the brain of it’s host.

One of the victims of this deadly amoeba is a young girl from Beaufort, SC, Hannah Collins.

The 11 year old girl was exposed to the Amoeba while swimming on the Edisto River in Charleston, SC on Sunday the 24th of July 2016.

She died this past Friday at an hospital in Charleston.

About 10 cases of the deadly amoeba are reported in the United states every year.

Check out the 3d-microscopic view of Naegleria Fowleri below

 Naegleria Fowleri microscope

12 thoughts on “Photos: Girl Dies After Brain Eating Amoeba Attacked Her In South Carolina River..RIP Hannah Collins

  1. Which one be this again? Every time mysterious sickness comes up. This is signs of end time. May God help us and may her soul RIP. Amen

  2. IS THIS how the amoeba really looks? I doubt. I can still recall the diagram of amoeba those days in Secondary School, with their flagella with which they move. This one here looks like a deadly spider to me. And it certainly looks like something that goes for the brain.

  3. sometime you have to define a monster by it look it looks really deadly… i will urge everyone to take note of this warning ⬆…
    RIP mhiz

  4. In most cases this happen when you swim in water that does not flow, this might have be killing some people too in the village and nobody discover it, the person can just died and they won’t know what really killed the person, I remember one very dark river we used to swimming in anytime we go to the village, I kept thinking about those rivers we drank it, washes clothes and swam in it .its good to swim in swimming pool with chlorine treated water.

  5. Dis really looks deadly, much care should be taken while swimming in d lakes, its now becoming deadly if not crocodile then its a dangerous creature. RIP girl.

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