Opinion: Gayism, Homosexuality Is A Sin & Direct Attack On God & What He Stands For


gayism, homosexuality sin against God

May 14, 2016 – Opinion: Gayism, Homosexuality Is A Sin & Direct Attack On God & What He Stands For

Opinion Article By Azuka aka Air On The Arrest Of 6 Homosexuals In Edo State

A good number of Nigerian law makers and the judiciaries are guilty of homosexuality. Which means they have no morale justification to even make laws against homosexuality let alone prosecuting a gay. In other words, they are hypocrites.

But alas, I would like everyone to read this bible passage, Romans 13:1, it says ” Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, FOR THERE IS NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT THAT WHICH GOD HAS ESTABLISHED…..”

The synopsis of the above passage is that, the earthly government is used by God to maintain order in society. Hence even if some elements in our government are anti-God, they can’t stop him from using them(government) to maintain order in a country like Nigeria for the sake of his good children.

My point is this, homosexuality in my opinion is a very serious and direct attack on the person of God and what He stands for. Other sins we commit are mainly against ourselves or against another person . Homosexuality is a direct attack on God because of its anti-creation future. Don’t forget that God is also called our creator. So, these people (gays) allow themselves to used by Satan not only to put a clog in God’s wheel of creation but also to drive humanity to extinction. Creation, either physical or spiritual is the principal source of God’s happiness as far this earth is concerned, and anyone tempering with that is playing with fire.

The insight is this, it is not the government that is working against homosexuality but, God working through the government to protect his beloved children from this evil. So, if there is anyone you should be upset with , it should not be with government both with God.

These gays are directly kicking against God’s joy, happiness and the only reason why this earth still spinning and you want Him not to use his servant ( the government) to deal with them? They are even pampered by the government of Nigeria if you ask me.