Opinion: Solution To Fuel Subsidy Problem In Nigeria


fuel subsidy problem nigeria

May 11, 2015  – Opinion: Solution To Fuel Subsidy Problem In Nigeria

I have the following suggestions that could help the incoming administration deal with the issue of fuel subsidy.

In my view if these points are implemented there would be no need to increase the price of fuel, corruption eliminated, bank loan interest and exchange differential will not be paid on fuel imported.

1.A presidential task force should take over fuel importation.
2.The Central Bank of Nigeria should provide funds for fuel importation at zero percent interest rate.
3.Custom duty charges for fuel vessels at the nation’s sea port should be minimal.
4.Aggressive plan of action put in place to make our local refineries function at full capacity.
5.Establishment of new refineries through private public partnership arrangement.

From: John Uzie
Kwale, Delta State.