Check Out Stella Damasus’s Mothers Day Message

stella damasus mothers day

May 11, 2015 – Check Out Stella Damasus’s Self Mother’s Day Greetings Placard

Yesterday was mother’s day in the western world and ‘Mama Abroad’, absentee Nollywood actress Stella Damasus took to the streets give a shout out to all those celebrating mothers day.

What a unique way to celebrate mothers’ day

Stella no fit come Naija again. She sabi abroad life…Check out her glowing skin!!!

3 thoughts on “Check Out Stella Damasus’s Mothers Day Message

  1. Yes dear..all mothers absolutely and totally worth it…motherhood rocks expecially when u have ur young toddler around him or her goodnight kiss everynight before going to bed…i did mine lastnight as always..and i knw u did urs pls return Doris simon’s Son to she can feel his son and give him goodnight kiss….God bless u and ur new man..and God bless nigeria

  2. Seriously, you have a mother and never talked to you about your husband hopping lifestyle, chai she must be a regret or a hero to your lifestle

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