Orji Kalu Urges Igbo People To Quit PDP & Join APC

kalu igbo people join apc quit pdp

December 10, 2016 – Orji Kalu Urges Igbo People To Join APC & Quit PDP

Ex-Abia Governor Orji Kalu has urged the great people of the South East to join the APC party in order to benefit from the mainstream national politics.

Here is what Kalu said while chatting with journalists in his mansion at Igbere in Bende LGA of Abia state today:

9 thoughts on “Orji Kalu Urges Igbo People To Quit PDP & Join APC

  1. Orji am highly dissapointed in you. So you people does not even have pride to be on your own. Because of the money you have stolen and you do not want to to face the music . Upon all buhari is doing you still want to sell your igbo brothers out because of your own selfish interest. Fool

  2. ORJI kalu has lost his populairty and wouldnt want to be picked by efcc.all is done to appease apc.he left the party he created and will soon leave apc when atikuand markafi flags off his pdm party..dont trust politicians

  3. Say for yourself and not for Igbos, you never represented and will not represent them, all of you in limelight are for your selfish personal interest.

  4. Orji my bros, I have always been your fan. After IBB, you are the next Evil genius, the maverick of the Igbos. But you got it wrong this time. with your profile your moves should not be preempted. Again I know one day you will also decamp and say all rubbish about this APC. Remember the mega party is coming. The VP you are eying come 2019 may not come your way. Be planning your disaffection speech against APC when hope is crashed.

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