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Overcoming Indecisiveness: How To Make The Right Decision When Confused Or Can’t Decide

how to make the right decision when confused

Overcoming Indecision: How To Make The Right Decision When Confused Or Can’t Decide

Dealing With Confusion & Conflict Within You: How To Make Decisions When You Are Indecisive 

There are moments when we just do not know what to do with ourselves nor do we have a particular choice to make in mind. This occurs most of the time when we are confused or have a lot of alternatives or option to choose from. Making decisions at such moments is usually hard especially when there are people we care about at both ends. We find ourselves stuck in the middle of trying to make a decision that will not hurt anyone, sometimes, at the expense of hurting ourselves or doing things we wouldn’t have done on normal days.

However, it’s a thing about life that we have to make choices at certain points in our lives. Life is not dynamic and therefore usually offers different options at certain times. It is now left to us to make the decision or choice based on facts and figures or based on emotions or reasoning.  Consequences of decisions should be considered if one is to make them. This, I believe is the paramount of decision making. As whatever choices we make will either come back to haunt us or be a blessing to us.

What Not To Do When You Indecisive Or Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Confusion is usually the anecdote of indecision. When one is confused, then one is not able to make a choice or a decision about anything in particular.  The mind is in a state of jumble and one may not be able to think clearly and thoroughly. At this point, a lot of people do things that eventually backlash and works against them.

Here are things one should avoid during moments of in decision.

Avoid Hasty Decision Making

When you are confused and in a state of indecision, it is best to avoid making decision hastily because hasty decisions usually lead to bad end. In this situation, calm yourself as much as you can, view the situation and think rationally

Neglect facts and figures

At times, there may be pre –existing facts and figures for you to consider when making your decision. Do well to consult them and check out previous results of the decisions made at certain times probably by you or some other person.  Facts and figures are very important especially if the decision you have to make is work or business related.  In this case, study numbers  carefully and allow them to guide you in making your decision.

Avoid being bias

When we have to make decisions, as humans, we may be tilted towards being bias for a reason or another. However, to make good decisions, it is best to avoid being bias. This, one does by placing each option on the same pedestal and giving each one equal chance as the others. For example, in choosing candidates during an interview and there is a relative or friend. It is best that one avoids using this and rather consider each candidate as a stranger by making use of their strength and ability.

Avoid Friends

When you are making a decision it is advisable to include your friends or anyone who you think will be able to put you through. Although, some might try influence your decision, especially if it’s favorable for them. But the best is to only gather ideas, knowledge and experience from them to make your decision without allowing them to influence it.

Steps To Making The Right Decision When You Are Indecisive

  1. The real deal

Whoever told you that decision making is easy is not telling you the complete truth. It’s not and probably will never be as long as we continue to have options to choose from. Making a decision is to be based on various things, all to be considered later. But know that making a decision is not something you cannot do even at the toughest times of your life. Life will continue to give us options throughout our journey in it, and it is incumbent upon us that we make choices and decisions.

  1. Be prepared for the consequences

When you are making a decision, be ready to live with the consequences of whatever decision you make. This will allow you to really scrutinize things before making the decision. You should be ready to deal with the physical, mental and emotional consequences of your decision.

  1. State your goals

Before you make a decision, of course you should have an objective. What do you really want to achieve with this choice? Making decisions are like getting to that shaky bridge with a wide area of unsafe tumbling waters all around. If you really wish to cross using the bridge or a canoe is your choice to make. However, be clear of the objective of crossing. Do you think what you will get at the other end really worth what you will put yourself through? Or is any of your decision going to take you to that destination?  Get answers to this before you go any further.

  1. Future implications

When you have set a goal, the next is to consider the future implications of the choices. Which of the choices will come back to haunt you or will be shackled to your conscience till the very end? Consider this before you make the choice. If you are really ready to live with the consequences of your decision then you can go ahead to make it.

  1. Outline the advantages and disadvantages

A sure format to help you make your decision easily is outlining. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of each choice you have to make. Weigh them, and then consider them very well. Since, it is not hasty you have all the time. But if you have to be quick, do your best to remember all the pros and cons of each one.  And remember, give each choice equal chance. Do not be tilted towards one more than the other.

  1. Make research

To aid your decision making, you can make research.

This will help you know more about the wide ranges of opportunities/ advantages available for each one. In the course of your research, it’s possible that other paths will be outlined for you to choose from.

  1. Seek help/ experience

Previously, I mentioned that it is advisable to seek help or advice from friends. This will help you to gather experience from people who may have been in like situations before. Do not lock yourself up and away from other people’s ideas and opinions. It’s a way to learn from their experience.  However, again do not let them influence it or be the reason you make a decision. Make your choices because it is what you wish to do as you have been able to convince yourself it’s the best, not because someone told you to do so.

  1. How does it affect you and the people around you?

When making decisions, it is advisable that one considers how it affects the life of people around you. Yes! It’s not possible to please everyone but it is possible to avoid hurting as many as you can. You have to put in to consideration the fact that your decision may affect you positively or negatively.

  1. Compare with previous

In previous times, have you been in such situations as you are now? What was the decision you made and what was the outcome? Consider this, as it will help you to avoid repeating mistakes. However, it is advisable that you do not base your entire judgment on this.  This is because situation change and people change. Only use it as an auxiliary yardstick to further help you with decision making.

  1. Ability

Before you make a choice, also put in to consideration your ability, strength and weakness. If you decide to go for something, will you be able to manage it effectively and deal with loss in case it happens. Know yourself and what you are capable of doing. But, it is sometimes beneficial to try new things and move out of one’s comfort zone. Do this when you know the repercussion will not be too terrible to bear for you.

  1. What if you can’t reinstate?

Make your decisions permanent even if they are temporary. By this, I mean imagine you have made a decision and you can’t change it. Will you be okay with anything that comes out of it? Will you feel good that you have made such a decision? Ask yourself if you are okay with the decision you are about to make being permanent. Will things be alright if there is no way to go back after making it?

  1. Be steady and believe in yourself

If you have made a choice, then it’s up to you to stand by it. A lot of situations will arise that may make you regret ever making such a choice , but the reasons you made it will help you to keep  standing by it in all situations and irrespective of what may arise.

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