P-Square’ Manager Jude Okoye On Why May D Left Square Records “He Wanted To Be PSquare”

why may d left psquare

Jan 12, 2013 – P-Square’ Manager Jude Okoye On Why May D Left Square Records “He Wanted To Be PSquare”

Months after the end of the business relationship between Akinmayokun Awodunmila popularly called May D and Peter and Paul Okoye of P square, the musical duo yesterday revealed the real reason behind their split. www.naijagists.com

When May D was dropped from P-Square’ record label last year, they initially didn’t give us the exact reason for their action however, they have spoken up through their manager who happens to be their elder brother, Jude Okoye.

In this recent interview Jude Okoye said May D left P-Square because of competition problem.

Hear Jude Okoye in his own words below:

“We sign in artistes as our way of giving back to the society, and by the time they become known, we let them be. However when May D came in, he wanted more than that, he wanted to be P square, a name that we have struggled to be build for years…”

Watch the video below


26 thoughts on “P-Square’ Manager Jude Okoye On Why May D Left Square Records “He Wanted To Be PSquare”

  1. That’s greediness in may D,so p-squre that’s shouldn’t stop u guys from bringing the upcomings to limelight

  2. If u dnt hav a reasonable comment, why not hang ur fingers somewhere. Instead of sayin nonsense. @ Basilia Ebere

  3. may d is stil d best ….u guys cant force in 2 joint illuminati as p square sold dia so…he s a big boi ….square get dat in2 ur skul

  4. If MayD is innocent then let him come out and clear his name, by telling us his own side of the story, period!

  5. All ds yan na bass abeg. P-square record na family affair, if any artist wan grow mek him go wr dem no run family affair business. As 4 illuminati no nigerian artiste don cos an occult no dey expose dia name, essence n existence. May D shun d twin dem b bass

  6. all these trash u guys are saying this one joined illumnati and the other one no join, how una take know pple wey join and pple wey no join, na una be illumnati secretary? When person no get money una go talk , person come get money una go still talk na waaaoh. My pple, p-square’s riches is a result of HARD WORK. Work hard u can beat them!

  7. wat is killing us naija is fast making,he wat t share things equel wit his master,hw possible did may d think it cn be,well p-quare did dere best 4 grooming him up t des,if nt it who 4 hear abt him,wat t use a day make de same tin wey person use months t get too.dt 1 no be greedy,let him try outside him….shout out my p-quare………………

  8. if i were May D i would av don dexam, for everyone wants to collaborate with bigger and higher personalitiest…think about urself; wont u lik to b lik PSquare after shortin to limelight?…i must admit, he z only seekin de best thing for himself….cause even if he gets to their he wll look forward to toppin den…so datz it …(change)….

  9. May d is someone I look up to including p squar no mata what may d did to p squar dey shud forgiv cause no own knows tomoro no mata de level u are try to help others but if dis story is true it doesn’t mean anytin bcus if u pquar have de power to chase him out of de record dere is no way he can force him self to be @ squar were as he is also popular u guyz are no more kids settle ur mata well if u keep having quarels lik dis wat will u expect from us

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