Pakistani Couple Who Married Without Permission From Family Murdered For Dishonouring Culture

pakistani couple married permission family elders

Nov 28, 2017 – Pakistani Couple Who Married Without Permission From Family Elders Murdered For Dishonouring Pashtun Culture

Police in Pakistan on Monday arrested 10 people for killing a newly-wed couple who entered into a free-will marriage in the southern port city of Karachi.

Police officer Qasim Hameed said that Abdul Hadi, 24, and Hasina Bibi, 19, were killed by relatives last week for marrying without permission from their elders earlier this month.

Qasim said Hadi’s father and nine other relatives were arrested after the couple’s bodies were found in a local graveyard on Sunday. He said Bibi’s father has absconded.

He added that the men confessed to murdering the couple with knives upon the orders of a “Jirga,” or tribal council, for dishonoring their Pashtun culture. Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women are killed by close relatives each year in so-called honor killings.

6 thoughts on “Pakistani Couple Who Married Without Permission From Family Murdered For Dishonouring Culture

  1. If it is honour killing, then why run? Be bold enough to defend your actions na. Absconding simply says you have acknowledged committing a crime

  2. IT IS A Curse to be born into some kind of cultures. Yes, its good to abide by your culture on certain things but if you don‘t, you ought to be punish but again this one is way toooooo extreme I must say.

    Must every punishment for a crime end in killing? Trust me, if an up-to-date investigations are carried out on this case, you would discover that these morons are muslims. This act is islamic in nature. Self righteous hypocrites anywhere anyday and anytime!

    I take a stroll…

    • ****The entire article made no mention of islam. Your hatred for the religion is pathetic. Dont u have barbaric cultures in nigeria? the worst of it is the culture of JUNGLE JUSTICE.

      • @ Amanda

        if you are intelligent well enough you will understand that Islam is implied in the article. for no civilized culture kills two people who fall in love and marry for absence of permission from fools called elders. Be wise, direct your vital energy to other better enterprise. Quit being a failed apologetic.

        • Olodo jatijati. Is islam mentioned in the article?. Could you please provide islamic text that encourages “honor killing”.

          Remove islamophobia from your heart and be free from hate.

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