Passenger Who Tried To Bomb Delta Plane From Lagos To Atlanta Arrested In Senegal


passenger blow up delta plane

June 10, 2014 – Passenger Who Tried To Blow up Delta Plane From Lagos To Atlanta With Dynamite Arrested In Dakar Senegal After Flight Diversion

Alleged Terrorist With Diplomatic Passport Boarded Delta Flight With A Bag Of Dynamites

It was a sigh of relief for Atlanta-bound passengers on a Delta flight from Lagos on Monday after the plane was diverted to Senegal when a threat was detected.

According to one of the passengers on the Atlanta-bound Delta flight, another passenger suspected to be a terrorist allegedly smuggled a bag full of dynamite on the airplane.

When the explosives were detected on the airplane, the flight was safely diverted to Dakar in Senegal where the diplomatic terrorist was arrested.

Read what one of the passengers who witnessed the whole saga said:

Security threat on DL 55 from LOS – ATL. Plane safely diverted to Dakar. A man arrested. Passengers deplaned.
Dunno what that guy was trying to do, but the electronic systems on the plane shut down! Lights were flickering everywhere
Bits and pieces coming in. Seems this man actually tried to blow up our plane.
Chatter is that he boarded with a diplomatic passport
How do you smuggle a bag with dynamite on a plane. Unbelievable stuff.
As long as our government treats the growing insurgency lightly, the terrorists will be emboldened
The Dakar op to arrest the suspect was so calm and well coordinated. Not one siren. No intimidation. Scores of soldiers in formation.
The top conversation in Dakar was “if it was Naija”. We’d all probably have been laid face down, shots randomly fired to “ward off others”
The number and size of soldiers who took him away, well God be his help
Meanwhile, as we disembarked at Atlanta, US Customs and police were waiting with a list (with photos). Incomprehensible crazy stuff
Finally home. Can’t say enough how grateful I am to God, and the awesome @delta DL55 crew. #SuperHeroes
While we were still flying, @delta sent an email apology regarding the incident, plus 20k bonus air miles. Decent gesture, I’d say
And excellent customer service. Because a printed apology was shared to all passengers boarding from San Juan #CustomerService #DL55

The passenger also took on Punch News for putting his name on their report without permission

“I believe @MobilePunch should have sought my permission before putting my name in their news report.
Randomly putting my name (or anyone’s) in a news report is wrong. @MobilePunch should’ve done better.”

To have smuggled a bag of dynamite unnoticed is a security flaw at Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. The Delta Airline staff that checked him in must be thoroughly investigated because he must have bribed them.

Thank God they all arrive safely.