If You Are Passionate About Your Calling, Nothing Will Discourage You

dont be discouraged quotes

This is a response to a couple of fans worried about NG not updating on time.

There is actually no issue at all dearies. Our programmers were busy performing some background update that caused a break in update time.

The update wrapped up about an hour ago.

NaijaGists.com is not a baby blog, we have been in the business for a long time.

We are a site on a mission. We are just getting started.

We create our posts strategically.  (Another best kept traffic secret).

Thanks to all who wrote to check up on us.

We appreciate you concern, inspiration and encouragement.

May God bless us all.


We update more at midnight, late evening and early morning.

Day update time varies. That is one of our best kept SEO secrets.!!!.

Back to the title of this post… Is Blogging NG’s calling…. Yes. Check out this column.

Over the years, I have used this blog to motivate a lot of people all over the world.

This ‘s evident in their testimonies. Some even called us an anointed blogger…Really…… To God be all the glory.

Some even told us to put up a donation button. I’m still thinking about that thanks for the suggestion.

I want to throw this out to all of you.

Whatever God has laid upon your mind to do, do it now, don’t procrastinate.

Be persistent and stay focused.

Do more research and keep upgrading your skills.


5 thoughts on “If You Are Passionate About Your Calling, Nothing Will Discourage You

  1. My favourite blogger you have touched my life in uncountable ways.
    just to let you know that am a Ghanaian and I follow your blog.
    You are doing a great job. Pls don’t give up.

  2. I love everything about your site. YOu inspire me to be strong. I sent u n email last Thursday expecting a favourable answer. txs

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