Pastor Adeboye Denies He Has Cancer, Terminal Sickness

pastor adeboye cancer

December 17, 2013 – RCCG GO, Pastor Adeboye Denies He Has Cancer / Terminal Illness

Highly respected man of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, the GO of The Redeemed Christian Church of God has come open to debunk the rumour that he has terminal cancer.

Popularly called Daddy GO, he said the story that he is soliciting for donations to travel to India for treatment was the handiwork of some fraudsters trying to dupe people.

During the recently concluded Holy Ghost Congress, Pastor Adeboye warned people to beware of his impersonators on Facebook.

Hear him in his own words below:

“Some people have been impersonating me on Facebook and other social media asking people to donate monies for unidentified orphanages or some sick persons who require urgent medical treatment abroad. Please do not believe them and do not give them money,”.

“Somebody even went to the ridiculous extent of saying that I needed money to go to India for the treatment of an undisclosed ailment. Please do not answer them. As you can see I am not sick. I am hail and hearty. They are liars.”

13 thoughts on “Pastor Adeboye Denies He Has Cancer, Terminal Sickness

  1. These yahoo boys will not kill me o. they can go to any extent to find money even if it involves invoking God’s wrath on themselves

  2. Tho, i am nt a memba of his Church, bt i reserve gr8 respect 4 him.

    Anybody wishn u ill or any secret or open enemies of d GOSPEL of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, will b visited by tripple amount of d sicknessess of d Egyptians during Moses days…. And so shall it b IJN (Amen).

  3. Na wa for people, how can somebody place ailment on somebody that is healthy, don’t they know that they are pronouncing curse upon their selves. May God help them.

  4. My daddy God is with you,may your overflow of anointing never run dry,Longevity is your heritage,you are immune against all odds,coming from bottomless pit of hell,you shall fulfilled all written of you.IJN.

  5. Daddy, you are a role model. Though not a member of your church, anytime
    I have the opportunity to listen or watch your message, it humbles me a lot. Daddy, you are indeed an instrument in the hands of God and I know by the grace of God that you will not worship God in vain. You will make heaven.

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