Pastor Adeboye’s Message To Singles On Choosing A Life Partner

 choosing a life partner

August 22, 2012 – Pastor Adeboye’s Message To Singles On Choosing A Life Partner

It has become a norm in the Christian community today for singles to seek their Pastor’s guidance before choosing their partners.

There is no offence in seeking spiritual guidance when it comes to choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life however, if care is not taken going this route only may lead to disaster in the future.

Read a message below from highly respected man of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye.

Pastor Adeboye’s Message To Singles On Marriage

Those of you who go to your pastor to pray for you and tell you who to marry, if care is not taken, you will become a victim of lies. You are simply lazy. No pastor or prophet should tell you who to marry.

They are to pray along with you, counsel and guide you using the Word of God. If you fail to pay the price to hear from God on that matter, you may be deceived.

God can use your pastor or a genuine prophet of God to confirm what He had already told you. Many homes have been established on falsehood and that is why things are falling apart and the center can no longer hold. Some pastors are seriously into match-making.

They have taken over from the Holy Spirit. Match-making remains God’s prerogative and He has not delegated it to any pastor.

And in case you don’t know, God removed his hand from matchmaking after Adam told him “It was the woman you gave to me that gave me of the fruit and I did eat”.

Excellent advice!

41 thoughts on “Pastor Adeboye’s Message To Singles On Choosing A Life Partner

  1. Pls pastor, haven charged us to be careful, what then can we do in order not to fall in decietful hands?

  2. Pastor, i really really love that message please keep on telling them because youth’s of nowaday are falling the victim of this

  3. Am a l.d.s all wht u said is true.xpecially nt ur pastor wl choose 4 u.we all’re given d indipendence of chosing.either good or is a matter of choice we makes or impact into our own world.plz single a proclaimmation 2 d world.(C.T.R)Choose The Right.

  4. Daddy i thank u for word u av giving us may d lord almighty heaven God shld give u more power to guid ur children.

  5. “And in case you don’t know, God removed his hand from matchmaking after Adam told him “It was the woman you gave to me that gave me of the fruit and I did eat.”

    You contradicted yourself with the above quoted statement. You are saying God removed his hand from matchmaking, but according to Pastor Adeboye in the Open Heavens’ manual from Monday August 20, 2012, God is still very much in the matchmaking business. Pastor Adeboye said a pastor or prophet cannot tell you who to marry, but you need to hear from God yourself and not be lazy. Pastors and prophets guide us along the way and are not oracles to tell us the exact person to marry. So lets not take God out of marriages y’all.

    • @ tunrayo apata what pastor is saying is that God can only guide Ʊ
      To get c∕̴Ɩ good wife its nt His duty again like d time of adam and
      Eve. Thats y the bible says ‘whosoever find a wife findeth a good
      Thing and obtain Favour from God’he has given us d liberty to find.
      It ourselves. However we can seek His guidance and have our own
      Confirmation plus the pastor’s support.

  6. more complicating cus God is still in the business of using pastors to let people know when the wrong man is knocking.

  7. Tank u daddy,most families today pay their pastors to pray n fast 4dem wich is nt corect.and d reason y dey do dat is bcos dey no d holy spirit wos duty is to speak to dem is nt io dem so dey rada go to dear pastor wom dey fil God can easily speak to

  8. Speak it Dad. Some people are now so religious that they forget the reality of things; pushing all to God and not taking any step. God no go come down from heaven come say : Bros, that babe na your wife or < Hey u girl, that guy na ypur husband…………….Work out your man/woman. Good bless u dad…………………..JESUS IS LORD

  9. This is a very good advice from now are built on false hood because a pastor says….Please dont be deceived.If u want to know who your partner is,the holy spirit is there to direct ur path and that is why you must accept Jesus Christ as ur personal Lord and Saviour an then,the holy spirit will come.If u dont know Jesus my brother,then there is no holy spirit counselling.Thank you

  10. Daddy, may evry word dat proceed out of ur mouth kip on enreaching d life of pple in Jesus Name, Amen…Daddy, U shal liv long in gud elt 2 fulfil dat which ur Father in heaven has sent u 4…Thnx Daddy b’cos we’v learn’t 4m ur life Institution msg.

  11. More of God in your life sir, that’s just the truth. it’s high time we start channeling our strength to seeking and hearing from God.

  12. I love this message. Deeply I expect more of this again bco. It has enlighten we youth. May God bless u sir

  13. There is no will of God in marriage. I know you will want to crucify me but believe me the present day Christians have relegated the perfect will of God to be subjected to the will of man.if you are AS you just try to take an as partner to your pastor and see if he won’t question your hearing…. Chat me up 08165647837

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