Pastor Who Killed Pregnant Girlfriend & 2 Church Members In Rivers State Confesses..Photos

nigerian pastor killed pregnant girlfriend rivers state

Feb 24, 2018 – Pastor Arrested For Killing Pregnant Girlfriend, Choir Mistress & 2 Church Members In Rivers State Confesses, Says It Is The Devil’s Work

Pastor Murders Church Members & Mistress Including Baby To Hide Sinful Affair Which Led To Pregnancy

Meet Pastor Chidiebere Okoroafor, an end time cleric paraded in Rivers state on Friday over the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, another woman and her 9 month old baby.

The suspect who committed the murder in Oyigbo area of Rivers state on the 9th of December 2017 confessed after the Criminal Investigation Department of the State Police completed their investigation.

The founder of Altar of Solution church in Izuoma area of Afam Oyigbo LGA of Rivers state allegedly convinced his girlfriend 25-year-old Ada Concila Ezeawa, a choir member to abort her baby but when she refused to, he lured her to an uncompleted building where he strangled her and abandoned her corpse.

Another woman who is his church member, Mrs Uloma Onweagba and her 9-months old baby, Christabel Joseph Onweagba were also strangled to death by the same Pastor on the day Ezeawa and her unborn were murdered.

The decomposing corpses of the 3 victims were later recovered on the 13th of December 2017 days after they were declared missing.

Here is what Pastor Okoroafor who begged for forgiveness said at the Police Command Headquarter in Port Harcourt yesterday:

 “I am sorry, I ask for forgiveness from my family, let the family of the people I liked also forgive me, let the world forgive me, it is the devils work.” 

Uloma Onweagba

10 thoughts on “Pastor Who Killed Pregnant Girlfriend & 2 Church Members In Rivers State Confesses..Photos

  1. Pls someone should strangle this bastard fast!!!! I would have loved to do it but am scared???????????????????? I can’t.

  2. They always say it is the devil’s work. You as a pastor should resist the devil. Fake pastor. He deserves the death penalty. He is begging the families of those he killed to forgive him, NO WAY. What does he want the husband of Uloma whom he killed along with his daughter to do? Forgive? no way. What does he want the family of his pregnant girlfriend to do? forgive? no way. It is obvious that why most of these fake pastors take to preaching is to look for gullible women (both married and single) to take advantage of. Women should wise up.

  3. that is why I fear all this people calling themself pastor opening church every were preaching inside bus begging money for motor park, they are cultis …run for ur life pls

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