Pastor Takes Money From Church Members To Check Names In Book Of Life


pastor thomas wahomehelicopter of christ ministries kenya

Feb 8, 2014 – Pastor Takes Money From Church Member To Check If Their Names Is Written In The Book Of Life

Pictured to the left above is a controversial Kenya-based pastor named Thomas Wahome and the founder of Helicopter of Christ Ministries.

Several media houses in Kenya have accused Wahome of extorting his church members by collecting money from them in order to check their names in the book of life.

He currently charges 1,500 Kenyan shilling, approximately 2,848 Nigerian naira in order to allow his church members to check their names in the supposed book of life.

Two years ago, Pastor Thomas Wahome also fooled his followers when he wore a particular garment and said whoever touched it will be healed of any sickness just like the woman with the issue of blood, in Mark 5:21-34 who got healed after touching the garment of Jesus. He charged 1200 shilling for the miracle.

Shockingly, his church was flooded with people looking for all kinds of healing.

As we speak, people are still running to his church to check their names in the book of life.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…. Hosea 4:6

Hmmmmm…. End time pastors.