Patience Jonathan Flees To London UK To Escape Jail, Nigeria’s First Lady Afraid Of Buhari

patience jonathan flees london uk

April 7, 2015 – Patience Jonathan Flees To London UK To Escape Jail, Nigeria’s First Lady Afraid Of Buhari

According to an exclusive story reported by punchng, First Lady Patience Jonathan has fled to the United Kingdom in order to escape being jailed by the incoming President Muhammadu Buhari whom she said is planning to send her to jail.

She was last seen inside Aso Rock on Saturday the 28th of March after her husband’s opponent was declared the President-elect.

A Presidency source who pleaded anonymity told reporters in Aso Rock on Easter Sunday that Mrs. Jonathan has travelled to the United Kingdom during the week to sort out some domestic issues.

“She is in UK. She may use the opportunity of the trip to visit her children,” the source said.

But contrary to the Presidency source, Mrs Patience Jonathan has no known domestic issue in the UK nor children of her own.

Her last public message was made in Ekiti when she lamented that the incoming President is planning to send her to jail if elected.

The fear of Buhari has now become the beginning of wisdom for Dame Patience Jonathan.

We will surely miss her grammar and stage drama.

15 thoughts on “Patience Jonathan Flees To London UK To Escape Jail, Nigeria’s First Lady Afraid Of Buhari

  1. The sinner is the one who runs when no one is pursing him or her.
    She must have done very bad things. It is her conscience that is chasing her around. Tis is just the beginning.

  2. domestic disputes is for police to solve in developed countries, let her aides tell us another lie

  3. hehehehehehehehe…….. I can’t laugh o! I will personally miss her grammar and drama too! lmao! but dem never do first lady election nao, why she comot? Why is she running away? bwahahahahahahahaha……………..

  4. Abeg leave this nice entertaining gentle woman alone she´s never a fighter i love you madam peypeh am so very proud of you ,from no one to someone, NO where to Somewhere powerful and impotant it´s bitter truth but dia ris God ooo True yarn YOU ARE VERY RIGHT Naija N World´s GONNA MISS YA.

  5. When the time for her atrocities come, i will personally ask David Cameroun ,to deport her to face trials, Rivers state is on fire set by her, Wike and Asari dokunbo they will all account for the innocent lives, they ve killed.

  6. Buhari said he will not jail Patience or anyone. He has forgiven all his enemies. Obasanjo advise that he recovered money but did not jail anyone. So Buhari will not jail anyone.

    I suspect she went there to rest after all that campaigned she needed plenty of rest and to spend time with her children and not running away.

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