Patrick Obahiagbon Congratulates Super Eagles – Hear Grammar

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Feb 4, 2013 – Patrick Obahiagbon Congratulates Super Eagles – Hear Grammar

Hilarious Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon took to his Twitter page today to congratulate Nigerian Super Eagles over their victory in yesterday’s match with Ivory Coast.

In the congratulatory tweet, the grammatically inclined Nigerian officials said:

“Its my emblem pleasure to congratulate our Superior Melofarm exclamagated Bermasaur on their recent victory against Ivory Coast.
As the refermed, solid giants are to face Winners of the later game  in an uncavoured camfamgnam match, my empyrean paradisiac rendezvous advice to the Super Eagles is for them to recumbently metragaloblicly believe in God. If possible, they should parademically paralyze their pistulated orthodexial legs. I wish them arxiatical luck.”

Can anyone decode all of the above?

63 thoughts on “Patrick Obahiagbon Congratulates Super Eagles – Hear Grammar

  1. Ehnnnnn??? For what now??? LOL
    Sunday Punch Pg.38 of March 24, 2013
    Read what Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon used to “toast” his wife; I’m telling you, women go laugh troway wrapa, hehehehehe this one na intro!

  2. Na wah oh.. hmmm you go fear oyibo na.. make super eagles no burder to know the meaning cos them go late for their nxt match

  3. half of what this man says is not in the dictionary and he uses those that are in the dictionary out of context…i think he she start acting nollywood movies and star with nkem owoh and make a classic comedy

  4. Hi Mr Patrick Obahiagbon, having read your comments, I think you will agree with me that when you are writing either an article or a comment you should keep in mind that your audience should be able to follow the point you are trying to make. Further more Mr Obahiagbo, I can guarantee you that the English people upon which English is their language do not at all write it the way you had done. Therefore, it is imperative that you write what the majority of your audience should understand otherwise do not write at all as it is, in my humble opinion, a mere waste of time.

  5. Diz man be confirm aboki o,he fit make sumhw go craze,he be d bokoharam of english language,I dogde your bomb sir

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