Patrick Sawyer Is Dead: Liberian WASH Delegate Infected With Ebola Virus In Lagos Nigeria Dies

patrick sawyer liberian ebola virus

July 25, 2014 – Patrick Sawyer Is Dead: Liberian Delegate Infected With Ebola Virus In Lagos Nigeria Dies

A popular figure in Liberia, Mr Patrick Sawyer, a specialist for Liberia’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, WASH initiative who came to Nigeria late last week for a conference has died.

He tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria at an hospital in Obalende area of Lagos on Wednesday but sadly he has passed on.

Patrick Sawyer died on Thursday night at the First Consultant Medical Centre in Obalende area of Lagos where he’d been undergoing treatment for Ebola virus symptoms.

He died of Hemorrhage fever late last night.

Until his death, he was an official of Liberia’s Ministry of Finance where he worked as a health specialist.

He arrived Lagos on Sunday for a conference and was said to have brought the virus into Nigeria.

Sad! May his soul rest in perfect peace.

18 thoughts on “Patrick Sawyer Is Dead: Liberian WASH Delegate Infected With Ebola Virus In Lagos Nigeria Dies

  1. God punish him, how can he bring virus into this country, pls the virus we hv already is enough and not adding another one to it, thank God he **** with his virus that spreading it to other people

  2. He was a very mean and wicked man, having been in contact with ppl with the virus came to another country where there isn’t what was he thinking? To kill off citizens of a country where there is enuff beath and confusions, poverty is fast consuming the ppl the fear of the knwn (political ritualist in the name of boko nonsense) rape is on the increase, kidnapping,is just like using the toilet,(daily stuff) robbery is same as drinking water! Or is it ritualist that is like brushing ur teeth 2* a day??? It only shows the lopehole in Nigeria, where lawlessness is her watch word! Im sorry I dnt mean to insult her country or the citizens of a great nation (Nigeria) truth be told Nigerians copy life style of western world( the bad once thou) why not good once, getting tested before entering the country!!!!!!!!! Having said that let the bead RIP!!!!!!

  3. May God hav mercy! I’ll b travln 2 Lagos 4a brief biz soonest. I hop I won’t return wit my head tilted 2d left, & a terminal blend in my blood.
    RIP, man! It aint ur 4lt dat u contacted dat disease, & I beliv u didnt mean 2 spread it 2 Nigerians by comin hear. In God we trust!

  4. Mr Bezo it appears your mouth is full of evil, why can’t you shut it instead of opening your mouth and pouring wicked and stupid words out.
    Giver your life to Jesus. The bible says out of the aboundant of the heart the mouth speaketh.

    • Joy you can go and get conterminated if u wissh but don’t bring it to ninja “enough is enough” how dare you , do you want ninja people died haba you are wicked.

  5. Joy, you are very *****, he should stay in his country and die there, we don’t need people with this diesease here, enough of these illigals in our land with sickness.

  6. RIP Mr. Patrick Sawyer. Na only u waka come. So na only u go waka go. Nigerians refuse to join u. Farewell wt Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r deadly disease.

  7. We are in d last days, things has not happen yet oo, the only solution of mankind is to run to God so when it’s happening u will be happy In ur heart cos u no were u are ending to…

  8. It is truly a pity and very sad indeed, but Im sure that he may not have intended to spread it in Nigeria or to be so humiliated in even in death.
    And for those soiling the name of this glorious country such as mamafrica above its truly unfortunate, that this is how you actually see your country. Just know that what you believe is what you receive, its called law of attraction. Try & be positive small, cos as a man thinketh so is he!!! and by the way, the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence. Its well with all of us and with Nigeria. ‘The earth is the Lords’

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