PDP Launches Online Donation Website For Jonathan 2015 Re-election, Begs Nigerians To Donate


pdp donation website

Dec 22, 2014 – PDP Launches Online Fundraising Website For Jonathan 2015 Re-election, Begs Nigerians To Donate

PDP has started an aggressive online campaign to mobilise funds for the Jonathan 2015 re-election.

To this end, the party has launched a website, www.pdpfund.org, a fundraising platform to raise money online.

The PDP stated on the website that it would begin receiving what it described as voluntary “small money donations” that would provide ordinary Nigerians the opportunity of contributing to the President’s campaign.

“Support the Transformation Agenda. Donate to the PDP. We hold nothing against those who prefer to donate anonymously to the PDP Fund.

“Whether it is one naira or one million, we encourage PDP Fund donors to register their donation on www.pdpfund.org for necessary acknowledgement. Small money donations that can be made from the comfort of your home online and on the web or on mobile devices are coming soon.

“The PDP cannot be indebted to one man or a group of financiers, the many who said they would give to the PDP hold us by our promise to defend democracy,” the presidential fundraising said.

Which transformation agenda???