Peace Mass Transit, PMT Owner Mourns Victims Of Road Accidents, Begins Defensive Driving Training..

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July  8, 2016 – PMT, Peace Mass Transit Owner Mourns Victims Of Road Accidents, Begins Defensive Driving Training For Drivers

Worried by road mishaps at Umuahia, Abia and Bayelsa states in the last one month, which claimed the lives of 24 passengers and two drivers, the Chairman of Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Limited, Dr Sam Onyishi, has begun “defensive driving” training for his drivers.
Onyishi, who addressed a press conference at the Emene, Enugu headquarters of the bus company yesterday, said training in defensive driving for the drivers became inevitable.

Besides, Onyishi said he felt pains any time his vehicle was involved in a crash. Hence, his resolve to arm his “drivers on the knowledge to drive with other road users in order to avoid crashes that could come from the carelessness of other drivers. I am in a mourning mood and that is why people say I have not said anything. It will be wrong for me to go on radio or the pages of newspapers to start talking when I am mourning,” he said just as he condoled with families of those who lost loved ones in the crashes.

Onyishi who said he has over 4,000 buses plying across 26 states of the federation disclosed that all his buses have factory-fitted speed limiters.
Even as the FRSC come to retrain his drivers in every quarter of the year.

The South-East Zonal Sector Commander of the FRSC, Mr Samuel Obayemi corroborated Onyishi’s claim that his buses are fitted with speed limiters, which the corps commissioned since 2009.

Obayemi also said that officers of the FRSC have been coming to retrain the drivers of PMT, saying that if the company was contravening safety standards, the corps would not have been collaborating with it.

He urged the drivers of the PMT to be more vigilant as they ply the road and put into good use what they would be taught in defensive driving.


8 thoughts on “Peace Mass Transit, PMT Owner Mourns Victims Of Road Accidents, Begins Defensive Driving Training..

  1. He is a great Nigerian businessman with uncommon integrity and passion for the safety of his workers-drivers and the passengers. Dr. Sam Onyeshi characters should be emulated by other business owners and companies in Nigeria by investing money in the safety, training, and welfare of their workers and customers. I’m proud of you sir.

    • Great Nigerian businessman indeed!!!?
      Or ritual killing?
      Something is not right. I know some people will say Africans tend to attribute every disaster to ritualism.
      But ritualism is real and the devil knows his time is short, hence, the upswell of wickedness.
      I don’t trust these so-called “businessmen.” They use their “businesses” as front.

  2. Bringing competent persons to train his drivers on defensive driving is a laudable gesture because it shows that something is being done to address the horrifying occurrences . However, the photo used in this write- up should not have been of a smiling man, considering that it is a tragic story. The smile detracts from the seriousness of the gesture.

  3. Training is not enough alone… I’m a professional driver… You should video most of the accident And force the drivers to watch them so they could what happens to the other careless and aggressive driver. Sir please consider this idea.

  4. Eyaaaa, sorry for all that’s been happening to you. Put your company in the hands of God and see how things will turn out for you.

  5. if you enter peace mass u will find out that there drivers are very reckless and insensitive, no amount of complaints and pleading from passengers will change their mind, even if you send mssg or call their complain no, they will not do anything ,that shows they are on a mission, so ritualism is not ruled out

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