PHCN Electricity Workers Threaten To Shut Down Nigeria’s Power Supply

phcn shut down nigeria power supply

Oct 23, 2013 – PHCN Electricity Workers Threaten To Switch Off Nigeria’s Power Supply

Staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) have re-stated their resolve for total showdown, threatening to switch off electricity nationwide if the Federal Government fails to respect the mutual agreements reached by relevant bodies and effect payment of their severance entitlements.

The workers, under the auspices of National Union of Electricity Employers (NUEE), also advised investors to stay off all PHCN installations until their entitlements were completely paid to the last kobo as agreed earlier. The NUEE, in a prayer session organised against all impediments to the payment of their entitlements, at the headquarters of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KEDC) yesterday, said they remained resolute with their demands and would not hesitate to go any length to press their demands.

phcn shut down power

Addressing newsmen at the commencement of the prayer session, the National Vice President of the electricity workers union, Mr Sikanta Ali Mishelin, said they decided to hold the prayer sessions to seek the intervention of God in their matter.

He stated: “We are holding this prayer session to pray against all those standing against the payment of our entitlements, because the Federal Government has continued to tell Nigerians lies that our monies have been paid. I want to tell you that such statement is not true; no single sole can say he has been paid.

“We want the Federal Government to respect the mutual agreement reached between the management and the union and comply accordingly or we will not hesitate to withdraw our services until our demands are met.

[Daily Sun]

12 thoughts on “PHCN Electricity Workers Threaten To Shut Down Nigeria’s Power Supply

  1. Where r we going in this country if at this stage we’re still talking about power instability, Naija can never change
    Mr Badluck regime even made things worse

  2. Schools,doctors,nepa,pensioners etc denied their right and benefits even when the check is peanut compare to what they should be paid, if things keep going in this direction the state of Nigerians in 10yrs will be a nightmare to many plus high rate of crime.

  3. Y r they talkin abt salary wn I haven’t c lite 4 lik a month nw? Nig wil neva change,they shd go n c wad is goin on in a small country lik gha. Steady lite 24/7.

  4. you people always blame the government for everything but that is not so,like i said before,even if jesuschrist comes to rule nigeria,there will stil be complains,the fact remains that electricity is not constant in nigeria cos most people in nigeria dont use to pay bills and how do the government runs this if the populace doesnt pay bills?rather they prefer to buy wire and connect there light back even if the nepa cuts it,even in abraod,the electiricity is payeable,if u dont pay then u will be cut off,but in nigeria,its not so ,so i believe that education and orientation is a worry for nigerian development

  5. Nigrian power sector is not working, all d time no light in d street, and so we are huzling our things with Generator, so i wonder what they are threatening while they are allready downshuting d light , abeg FG no mind dem jarre

  6. Are u pple (PHCN workers) not on strike since? This ur threatening does not hold water nd somebody is there saying we don’t want to be paying our bills. Hw do u want us to pay 4 d services we didn’t receive. In ur right senses how can u justify this robbery?

  7. Na wetin?if dey shutdown nko?na 2day i don dey stay without light? Pls,stop d noise and do wat u wan 2 do……..WETIN SEF????

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