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Photo: 12 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death To Appeal Conviction

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Photo: 12 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death To Appeal Conviction

nigerian soldiers sentenced to death

Sept 16, 2014 – Picture: 12 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death Ordered To Appeal Conviction

Yesterday a military court in Abuja found 13 out of 18 soldiers standing trial guilty of mutiny, a capital offence.

12 were sentenced to death by firing squad, 5 discharged and one jailed for 4 weeks with hard labour.

On May 14, 2014, the soldiers protested the death of their colleagues by firing shots at General Officer Commanding the newly created 7 Division of Nigerian Army, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Mohammmed, in Maiduguri, Borno State. The act is viewed in the military as mutiny.

In his reaction to the death sentence, the Editor of Ganifawehinmi Law publication Mr Oluwole Kehinde said that the convicted soldiers have right of appeal. He said they can approach the court of appeal.

“So far due process was followed in reaching the decision and there should not be sentiment about it. Any military personnel who is not satisfied or comfortable with the treatment in the military can disengage, mutiny and lawlessness should not be encouraged because a situation where lawful orders are refused portends danger signal,” he said.

Mr Paul Ogundele also agreed that the convicted soilders have the right of appeal subject to the constitution and article 7(I) of African Charter. If there were loopholes in the proceedings it should be revisited. This cannot be like the military regime with draconian law where people were executed when their appeal was still pending.

Chief Benson Ndakara in his reaction said the soldiers can appeal. “We are in civilian regime, though it had been alleged many times that there are moles in the military if due process is followed the law should take its course.”

Former secretary General of Lagos branch of the Nigerian Bar Association Mr Ike Ukor says mutiny is a serious offence that carries capital punishment. “Was the tribunal properly constituted? Was due process followed? all these ingredient will form basis of appeal if due process is followed the will take its course.”

These soldiers are overwhelmed, they are working with less sophisticated weapon and being set up by their commanders.

Most of them are being paid N40,000 monthly…. what a sacrifice!

It is pathetic that these frustrated soldiers are being sentenced to death while Boko Haram suspects are still being freed on a daily basis with the influence of their powerful sponsors.

When last did we hear about the death sentence of a convicted Boko Haram suspect???, what happened to Ogwuche who killed over 75 people at a car park in Abuja, what about other Boko Haram suspects??? Lawlessness is reigning supreme in this country.



  1. murietys

    September 16, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    They should face another punishment not death because those soldiers were frustrated when boko haram killed their colleague. We should also remember that they are fighting for this country.

  2. nkiru

    September 16, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    nawaoooooh pls God save their lives.

  3. Akuwax in Mongu, Zambia

    September 16, 2014 at 4:24 PM

    Unfair judgement upon the soldiers will enforce their colleagues to join Boko Haram, mark my words.

  4. Lekan Feyisan

    September 16, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    They won’t kill Boko Harams because they are their “family members” but they want to kill the soldiers because they are their enemies… God will judge you all. Peace will cease from you and everything will begin to work against you in Jesus name if you don’t stop your wickedness.

  5. femi9ce

    September 16, 2014 at 5:10 PM

    If am n dis soldiers of hero, I would du more dan wat dey did. I beg free d innocent souls 2 av a free breath n dia country. In as far as am concern, we don’t av a stable Government n dis country. D government s full of bunch of unscrupulous element of leaders who only no hw 2 embezzle d public fund into dia pocket not minding d security, d life n property of d poor Nigerians. Cheiyi, God dey oooh!

  6. santa

    September 16, 2014 at 7:10 PM

    what a bad country. This soldies should nt b sentace to death as if ther were arm robbers. Pls God help them pls.

  7. Daviddonald

    September 16, 2014 at 10:17 PM

    Kabiru sokoto a boko haram who killed in mass distruction bt he ws sentence 4 life, bt d soldier that were fightin 4 there country, were sentenced to death……God i hate been a Nigerian

  8. kelvin

    September 17, 2014 at 6:46 AM

    What the general of the army is trying to do is just a selfish interest.let our Nigerian lawyers temper this act with mercy and justice.if the is any one to sentence to death is the boko aram.

  9. Vibrate

    September 17, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    if these soldiers are sentence to death this means Nigeria is a very BAD country. like mension above ‘what about the boko haram suspects who have lost many souls and have been set free and now u want to sentence ur heroes to death in the name of ‘major offence’no wander it is ery difficult to put an end to this Boko Haram thing because their leaders are the leaders of the country. Wicked people

  10. prince salami

    September 17, 2014 at 9:57 AM

    This is not the right time of setting Nigeria soldier on death sentence actually we dont have good heads of state he cant even control his domain talk less of the whole country please free this innocent soldiers.Recently we heard about northerners sponsoring BOKO ARAM MEMBERS HAVING chat and dine with the PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA after indications that they are the main man behind this atrocities committed in Nigeria what have they done to him and his associates still is walking free and use Nigerian money to fund this scapulous barbaric murderers so called BOKO LETS CALL A SPADE A SPADE IF THIS INNOCENT SOLDIERS ARE KILLED ANOTHER WAR WILL EMERGE FROM FROM ONE ANGLE TO THE OTHER. PLEASE ONCE AGAIN AM PLEADING FOR MERCY FREE THIS SOLDIERS FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR FAMILIES AND NIGEIANS AS A WHOLE

  11. adamma

    September 17, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    Lord have mercy and spare their lives.

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