Photo: 2 Nigerians Arrested For Protesting Corruption In Ghana

nigerians arrested protest ghana

July 28, 2014 – Picture: 2 Nigerians Arrested For Protesting Corruption In Ghana

2 Nigerian guys based in Ghana were arrested last week for joining Ghanaians in a street protest over corruption in Ghana.

According to Sahara Reporters, the demonstrators were protesting corruption, a failing economy, and a high cost of living but police said foreigners have no right to join in a protest of that nature.

“It was not for other nationals to join,” Joseph Obenefo Darkwa of the police CID told the press, but one of the two Nigerians also responded that they were only showing solidarity with Ghanaians, who they consider brothers and sisters. He said they also found it imperative to join because the two countries have similar problems.

“We are comrades from Nigeria. We are protesting fuel prices hikes. We have undergone similar things in Nigeria around January. We believe in a united Africa. Nigerians and Ghanaians, we are brothers. Whatever affects Ghanaians affects Nigerians. So we are here in solidarity with Ghana.”

The police however did not take this for an explanation, calling their behavior “offensive” and an affront to national sovereignty, holding the two in custody.

The two held the Nigerian flag side-by-side with the Ghanaian one, singing their own songs.

Earlier, a security expert at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre, Dr. Kwasi Aning, had predicted the possibility of the demonstration being infiltrated by troublemakers, but it is not yet clear if the two represent any such constituency.

Police say they have begun profiling the two gentlemen and are investigating the matter further.

These are the same people who closed down several shops owned by Nigerians claiming that we are not allowed to run businesses in their country.

Na wa ooo but Nigeria has never arrested any Ghanaian for doing such.

17 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Nigerians Arrested For Protesting Corruption In Ghana

    • What concerns racism between two black nations. Lolz, you should improve in ur readings Pls. It can only be called racism if it were to be a black and white man/nation.

  1. Ghana is the must backward and uncivilized country have ever come across! They actually know nothing about other nation (s) expect that of theirs or there colonial master kwame nkrumah!! And their citizens travel less that y they always maltreat foreigners in their country!! May God continue to keep them in peace… If not they day trouble will befall their and any of them cross my way ehhhhhhhh,…… Emmmmmmmmm!!

  2. Ghanians are dumbos for arresting protesters who are showing support and united in solidarity against corruption.while many oyibo nations matched in support for chibok girls man sef

  3. As 4 me, i cannt cling myslf 2 pple or pers who deosn‘t knw my worth or likes me, no neva.
    Notin is gono tk me 2 dat goddamn co3 called Ghana let alone protestn in solidarity wt dem 4 any course watsoeva, whn I knew too well dat “A Cockroach Can Never Be Innocent In The Gatherings Of Fowls“

  4. Only foolish nigerian will relocate to Ghana for any thing, even a Ghanaian u give a helping hand in Europe will betray u if he have the chance to do so there in greats and heather or Nigerians!

  5. Was it not the same Ghana that Nigerians were rushing to in quest for university education these few years back? As usual with us we underrate our capabilities and rate other nations far above what they really are. As for those Nigerians arrested l think they will take responsibility for their action. They are matured enough.

  6. oya ghana must go let them all go back to their country bcos i’ve heard so many things about them how they’re spoiling naija name trying to make people believe they’re the best but this is not good i know alot of ghanians even my doctor before is from ghana but married to yoruba woman some of them re nice but why some re ldiots though i have some cousins from there, i’ve been there too that was 1998 and just onces, but i still don’t support this barbaric act and their useless and senseless thought about us.

  7. this is getting out of hand, do you know how happy Ghanians are since we have boko haram issue, this are the people we sell our oil on credit to pay after 90days, this are the people 70pecnt of there import is from Nigeria, every Ghana man is praying for the fall of Nigeria state, is not fear, but i want to let them know, any day Nigeria has a problem that will be the start of there own problem, one thing is sure, who ever GOD bless no one can curs,

  8. It’s amazing how you all talk like saints and still blame the next person for what is happening our there. Get over yourselves for once and get the reality, no one hate Nigerians, some of your own people do well to give you a bad name. Stop this trash talk and seeing things only through your lens and step out there and smell the coffee.


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