Photo: 34-Year-Old Nigerian Man Marries 68-Year-Old Granny In Europe

nigerian marries grandma europe

June 30, 2016 – Picture: 34-Year-Old Nigerian Man Married 68-Year-Old European Grandmother

Check out this cute interracial couple.

The man is a 34-year-old Nigerian man from Anambra while his new bride is a 68-year-old Grandmother from Europe.

Those who shared the photo on the social media say they are truly in love.

This kind love get as e be….

Happy married life to them **wink**

24 thoughts on “Photo: 34-Year-Old Nigerian Man Marries 68-Year-Old Granny In Europe

  1. Smiles, I can’t blame my brother. He has done all the arithmetics inovled and he’s sure its going to end well. Good luck brother.

  2. What kind of ye ye love are they into? He’s marrying the white grand ma to have a permanent stay and also obtain his green card in that particular country in europe. All of this desperate attempts are as a result of our poor economy back home here in nigeria.

  3. With due respect to our brothers from the eastern part of the country,this *** guy is nothing but a nonentity.Guess he did this in return for money,i don’t think the guy is in the right state of mind. Would he now address this woman nao as mummy or what?he needs deliverance o.

  4. You call it desperate, I’m laughing at you ,because you think it’s easy to convince a white woman even if she is walking with wheelchair

  5. The man in question is way past 38. He looks 40+ but if he claims to be 34 then I am 10yr old.
    The man should be arrested for two charges:
    1) False declaration of age.
    2) False declaration of love.
    3) False declaration of marrige.

    Happy maRRIED life.

    • Two charges and you stated 3 Now you should be charge for misleading
      The hunter I concor bro!

  6. bros welldone o e no eazy atall,and to those dat is critizing him, do u think it is easy to make dis kind of decision? he is a money ritualist,check it na, do u think its easy to wake up in the morning and look at old woman’s face dat is full of rincles all over her body,and a women dat will never concieve for him bcus of old age,even the sex will no longer b sweet,bcus many men has took the sweetness when she is. young,so my guy what ur eating is chaff, so flex ur money bcus i know dat the old mama will pay u well,atleast ur better than jobless youths in naija.

  7. The man looks the same age as the lady. The Naija native attire looks good on the madam. She does not look as old as sixty eight.nsince it is what they both agreed to, as consenting ADULTs, they are entitled to their choice of partners and I wish them all the happiness.

  8. trust my **** brother, if there is no money involve he will not get involve in such love, carry go

    • The woman doesn’t look rich to me but 100% permanent resident leading to citizenship

  9. Which kain love, its an act for survival. Lazy thief, they don’t want to work for anythg, always looking for a fast way out.

  10. Another **** boy – desperado! They are so desperate and bold, nothing is beyond their reach to achieve their goal. Let’s wait and see what Immigration Office thinks when they apply for his papers. Sleeping with your Mother’s age mate? Good luck o.


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