Photo: American Fraudster Marco Ramirez Arrested In Nigeria Over $2.3Million Green Card Scam

american duped nigerian green card offer

April 19, 2016 – Picture: American Fraudster Marco Ramirez Arrested In Nigeria Over $2.3Million Green Card Offer Scam

American Businessman Flees From US To Nigeria, Dupes Nigerians With Bogus Green Card Offer

Marco Antonio Ramirez, an American fraudster who took the gullibility of some Abuja residents for granted and duped them to the tune of $2.3 million has been arrested by the EFCC.

The suspect who is also the founder of USA Now LLC and Eagle Ford Instalodge committed similar offence in the US before fleeing to Nigeria.

According to EFCC sources, the suspect reportedly duped Prince Ejikeme Ubanagum Mgbemena, Frank Ifaluyi Egbon and many others after assuring them he would give American Green Card to members of their families below 18 years.

The accused has been remanded in EFCC custody. His bail application hearing will hold on the 21st of May 2016.

Ramirez’s possessions have been placed on sale to refund those he has duped in the United States

He was jailed in 2014 for contempt of court..

16 thoughts on “Photo: American Fraudster Marco Ramirez Arrested In Nigeria Over $2.3Million Green Card Scam

  1. He should be judge here and serve his punishment here, so that others will know we are not a fools anymore.

  2. O boy. See his smile. It fine o. It just be like where devil is smile for you, run o. It better for mad woman to bite you than say devil is smile for you.

  3. U tink say na only naija sabi dupe pple..Americans.Europeans.Asians.Even South and North Americans be Baba for dis biznes..Na dem teach Naija all dis criminal tin…later dey wil b d first to air it in d world dt naija is a bad country…but na dem supose to b blame for all dis Cham cham dum.

  4. He even has a bad record in d past and hv also been arrested once but he still don’t want to change.
    Thank GOD he has been arrested, i just wish they will follow his case strictly and give him d punishment he deserve.

  5. When he escaped to Nigeria only to continue his scamming activities, I suspect he felt being in Nigeria’s prison will be an adventure so he should be granted that wish! Enjoy your stay bobo!

  6. How could you have allowed (kokoye) Spanish man of all people to defraud you guys?. Yahoo boys should be defrauding this guy instead of him doing this to us. Our mistake in Nigeria is we don’t know the difference between a white man and a light skin man from other Continent. Any light skin man is Oyinbo to us. Had this guy been successful in his deal, he would have been making fun of us that those black people from Africa are Muguns, they are the dumbest people on earth. Now that he has been caught, let him spend some time at Kirikiri so that he can have an interesting story to tell his colleague who are nursing such ambition.

  7. The only reason people fall for this kind of cheap scam is simply because almost half or more than half of Nigerians thinks so much Heavenly about travelling overseas.

    The wrong impression is, if you dont travel to abroad especially the US, you are a nobody.

    They feel even if it is streets you are cleaning in abroad, you are better off than somebody who is a Bank manager down here. Rubbish!

    As for me, I dont give a damn. I just want to continue my stroll hunting…

  8. The scam is a legitimate offer of Green Card status in exchange for $$ to create jobs in the US. The legitimate program is called the EB-5. Marco lived and worked the Mexico/Texas border for many years under the EB-5 program. The scam is that Marco never used the money for the programs/projects he said we would. He was arrested in Texas for fraudulent use of the funds but escaped. Side note: the EB-5 program was generally successful although cases of fraud like this did pop up. I agree with Jilo, let him stay in a Nigerian prison before he is extradited to the US where the prison accommodations are more forgiving.

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