Photo: Convicted Nigerian Cocaine Drug Dealer Michael Nwobodo Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

nigerian cocaine dealer jailed 12 years

May 17, 2016 – Picture: Nigerian Cocaine Drug Dealer Michael Nwobodo Jailed For 12 Years With Hard Labour

Michael Nwobodo, a 31-year-old technician caught with 81 wraps of cocaine in Lagos on his way from Dubai on February 29 2016 has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

He was sentenced to 12 years behind bars with hard labour on Monday the 16th Of May 2016 by Justice Okon Abang of Federal High Court 10 in Abuja.

15 thoughts on “Photo: Convicted Nigerian Cocaine Drug Dealer Michael Nwobodo Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

  1. That serves him right. I don’t no if this drug dealer’s wants a door to door campaign against drugs trafficking? Nonsense!

  2. Count yourself lucky that it’s here that you were caught, otherwise the noose would have been patiently waiting for you neck by now.

  3. Nawao!
    What a great loss…
    When people were being told dat crime do not pay dey seems deaf ears 2 dat..
    Dis ill serve a little lesson 2 others

  4. 31 + 12 = 43 years. Chai before he comes out of prison, he’s become 43 years and wasting 12 years for his crime. I hope he will repent in there and turn a good live.

  5. How wish it was yankee,he for fresh die,cause he go dey wear clean white shirt,clean sneakers,sleep inside ac,drink cold water,sleep for fresh bedsheet.
    But omo na oyo o.
    The part which is most threatning,is d part with Hard Labour,bro e go be cause by d time u don come out,men don upgrade.

  6. So with all this high campaign against Drug trafficking in the land and abroad, some shallow brainy redundant fools are still involve in the business without fear?

    He should thank his star that, it was not in Idonesia otherwise, he would have beeen set for the gallows.

    I take a stroll…

  7. ***** that is criticising him!!! Do u know his background? U think some have a
    Th privilege u did? Nor a means of help for themselves!! Na even those rick ones in the government that we put them on that rail!! Abeg stop judging ppl ooh poverty no dey sweet.i pray he services. May God be with hom.

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