Enugu Governor Banned Fulanis From Night Grazing & Cattle Rearing Days After Nimbo Killings

enugu banned fulanis cattle rearing night

May 17, 2016 – Aftermath Of Fulani Attacks, Killing In Nimbo Enugu: Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Bans Grazing & Rearing Of Cattle At Night

Enugu Governor Banned Fulanis From Night Grazing, Cattle Rearing Days After Nimbo Killings

In an apparent move to stop further bloodshed between Fulani herdsmen and Enugu State farmers, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has banned rearing of cattle and night grazing.

He made this announcement after meeting with leaders of the Fulani/Shuwa Arab herdsmen in the state.

The ban is coming on the heels of the invasion and killing of scores of residents of Nimbo community, in Uzo-Uwani Local Government of the state recently by suspected herdsmen.
Also banned are the carrying of firearms or any form of ammunition by the herdsmen and movement of cattle from one location to another at night in the state.

During the meeting, the governor and Shuwa Arab herdsmen agreed that the herdsmen should pay the farmers for destroying their crops.

All farmers who killed any cattle were also ordered to pay the herdsmen.

The governor also set up a peace committee to ensure calm in all the affected communities.

16 thoughts on “Enugu Governor Banned Fulanis From Night Grazing & Cattle Rearing Days After Nimbo Killings

  1. Why not barnish those bloodsuckers from the south east send them to the north where they belong we are tired

  2. If I were governor of Enugu state today, I will probably take the same step as governor Ifeanyi after that ugly incident that led to the untimely death of many villagers in the state. I seize this opportunity to commend the governor and the people of Enugu state for their maturity for peacefully dealing with the aftermath of those Fulani Herdsmen massacres. I believe that Nigerians should be able to live in peace and prosper wherever they choose as their homes in Nigeria, but all strangers should respect, honor, and love that those that accommodate them. The governor has the constitutional power and authority to ban night grazing if that will prevent future conflicts and tribal tension that can cause unnecessary lost of precious human lives.

  3. If I were the Gov. I will first of all ban the buying, selling and eating of fulani cows in the state at least during my tenure, with a fine of N10,000 for defaulters. I‘m sure thats gono be a bad market for all those illiterate vampires. Bcos they themselves dont eat half the cows we eat in the Eastern States at all. They makes more money in the East.

    Then secondly, for the prevention of further occourence, I will ban them from the state entirely. What would they be doing in my state when we are nolonger interested or eating their cows?

    We dont need them, not after giving them land to graze their cattles and in turn was the killing my own people and destroying their houses in THEIR FATHER‘S LAND? A thing any Igbo mn dare not try in the North!

    You all need to see the gory sight of what really happened to what am talking about.
    I have some of the pixs of the victims on my phone right now… Only a strong mind can withstand the sight.
    Those smelly vagabonds!

    I take a stroll…

  4. the governor is afraid President buhari Fulani to avoid him probing him if he should work against his people, foolish governor.


  6. The governor handled this maturely, even though when the iron was hot, I would have loved the Nimbo people to strike back. There is no need for a retaliatory invasion now. But that doesn’t preclude the necessity of community vigilante stepping up their game. The peace may be maintained now, only to be breached in a matter of time. You can never sleep with both eyes closed as long as those brutes are prowling about your neighbourhood.

  7. Dis z a good move..
    Especially dat of carring firearms and other ammunition by dis wild beings..

  8. He should have just chased them out of the state. Those people are not suppose to live with human beings.

  9. Nawa o, is not better there go and leave us in peace oo, because there are monsters, them may decide one day to attack again, so that the villagers will have rest of mind

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