Photo: C&S Pastor Keeping Guns For Niger Delta Militants In His Church In Igando Lagos Arrested

pastor keeping guns niger delta militants

September 5, 2016 – Governor Peretun White Garment, C&S Pastor Keeping Guns For Naija Delta Militants In His Church In Igando Lagos Creek Arrested

Ejimobe Jojo, Chef Preparing Foods For Niger Delta Militants In The Creek Arrested

Pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion at Igando area of Lagos and a mother of seven have been arrested for allegedly keeping guns and preparing food for militants. However, the pastor, who identified himself as Governor Peretun, denied the allegation. According to the police, Peretun used to keep guns for militants.

These militants were part of those who, two months ago, repeatedly invaded Ewedogbon community in Igando area of the state and wreaked havoc on residents.

The police said: “The pastor was aiding the militants in pipeline vandalism.

Even the boats, which were used in the Agbara bank robbery operation where a policeman was shot dead, were kept in his custody.” The police said that Peretun was arrested along with a 47-year-old mother of seven, Ebimobe JoJo.

Police said that Jojo was the one cooking for the militants in the Igando creek area. Peretun said that he was once a fisherman but abandoned that trade after the Holy Spirit ‘directed’ him to move into the creek and establish a church there.

The suspect said he was about to board a bus at Iba Bus Stop, heading to Ondo State, when police detectives arrested him. He said: “After I built my church, I opened up the waterways to allow people to start paddling their boats through the routes.

After a while, I started buying fuel from the militants. I used to buy 50 litres for N1,000. I would then resell for N1,500, which was how we became friends. “They used to visit me and I also usually visit them in the creek.

There was a time operatives of Department of State Services (DSS) stormed the creek. I was arrested. After explaining myself to them, I was set free. The DSS men, however, warned me to stop buying from the militants. But I didn’t.” Stating her own side of the story, JoJo said she used to buy fuel from the militants in the creek.

She added:

“I don’t cook food for them, but I used to go with food for them, so that they would sell fuel to me on credit. Anytime I go to buy fuel from the militants, I don’t leave early, to avoid being arrested. When they saw that I used to come with food, they told me to be preparing food for them.

They said they couldn’t come out of the creek. “Whenever I go to buy fuel from them, the leader of the militants called TK and his boys are always armed with AK47. They also dressed in military uniform; initially I thought they were soldiers.”

The police said that Peretun’s face was captured while he was hiding the militants’ guns. The police added that Jojo’s face was also captured while she was taking food to the militants in the creek.

The police said their faces were captured by drone deployed into the coastal area after the militants invaded the community.

[Daily Telegraph]

5 thoughts on “Photo: C&S Pastor Keeping Guns For Niger Delta Militants In His Church In Igando Lagos Arrested

  1. Eee heeehn, I thought so, the man looks like a fisherman that he is and not like a pastor. Give pastors a break on this one. The man is a militant and looks the part.
    As far as concerns the lady, she is only doing a job to keep body and soul together and to feed her seven children. An adventurer during challenging times.

  2. look at the silly statement they both give
    pastor: i buy petrol from them and resell
    woman : we do trade by barter.
    are they filling station or are they NNPC.

    they are both guilty of the charges and they should be properly dealt with. the lady don’t even look like someone who is 47 God as blesses her with a good stature so as to enable work even when ageing but she is looking for a fast way.. i pray the rest of you will be caught because you nothing but
    #clueless human and

  3. Very nice operation . Nigerian police now employs technology in their operations.The fact that the militants were always in ‘army uniforms’ the accused may have falling for their plan not being able to distinguish the genuine solders;but later would have found out that they are not real. The cheap fuel was the carrot that kept them engaged.

    Well done NPF!

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