Photo: Dismissed Policeman Caught Stealing Offering At Catholic Church In Lekki Lagos

policeman steal offering church lekki lagos The suspect

April 15, 2016 – Picture: Dismissed Police Officer, Patrick Nkanu Caught Stealing Offering From Altar At Catholic Church In Lekki Lagos Confesses

On Monday, a dismissed Police constable, Patrick Nkanu was arrested while trying to steal offering from the altar at SS Philip & James Catholic Church in Lekki.

He was struggling to open the money pouch around 5:30am when a security guard caught him.

He was taken to the priest where he allegedly confessed. See his confession statement below

 “God made it possible for the church to catch me. He made it so because I went into his house to steal. It was a temptation, but I have learnt my lesson. I don’t even know how I would look into the eyes of my wife and tell her that I was arrested for going into a church.”

“I was serving at Badagry Police Station back then as a constable. I was sick and only took off for seven days. I sent a written note to my superior officer to tell him I was sick.

He lied that I took off for 75 days. The police lied against me. I wasn’t even given an orderly room trial before I was dismissed.”

The father of three was later taken to a police station in the area where he was detained.

He is facing sacrilege and impersonation.

12 thoughts on “Photo: Dismissed Policeman Caught Stealing Offering At Catholic Church In Lekki Lagos

  1. Story, story, story!!! AWOL officer, if you were sick was there no Police clinic for you to obtain medical report? Now you have carried your bad BEHAVIOUR to the House of God. Face the music ALTAR TIFF

  2. Oga police wetin be this i
    You just de stres me de vex me
    Na which kain yawa be this i
    Why are doing this i
    Eiyah see wetin you are miss.

  3. Is sacrilege a criminal offence in Nigeria’s constitution. I think they would rather arraign him for other charges than that.

  4. How do we Know, that you didnt steal before you were dismissed? This is bad. it a shame on you man. May God see u through

  5. The fact is, he was stealing from the Gvt before using police uniforms now that he is dismissed, he chose to steal from God in His House.

    This is supposed to be the lot of that mad dog former DPO called Patrick Onwu who beat up that female traffic warden in Ogun State for no just reason and was demoted instead of being dismissed.

    Mcheeew… I don go sef….

  6. I know it is an offence to steal but the church would have forgiven him and let him go since he has confessed

  7. Nawahoo for human beings, no more fear of God, is it in the church you will go and steal, God caught you

  8. Wot a sad story
    Stealing in the church shows no sign of fear of d almighty creator in u..

    Dis is really a sacriledge b4 GOD and man

  9. Police lie lie. You are a born thief and a harden one at that so stop lying and looking for mercy ok.

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