Photo: Farm Manager Murdered While Harvesting Tomatoes In Yewa Ogun State

farm manager murdered ogun state

September 19, 2016 – Picture: Farmer Murdered While Harvesting Tomatoes In Yewa Ogun State

A 37-year-old farm manager identified as Olugbenga Kiki has been murdered by unknown men while harvesting tomatoes on his boss’s farmland in Ogun State.

According to family sources, the father of two who managed the large farmland for his boss was strangled last week Sunday while harvesting tomatoes at Orisada Eyo community in Yewa South LGA of Ogun State.

10 thoughts on “Photo: Farm Manager Murdered While Harvesting Tomatoes In Yewa Ogun State

  1. Whosoever might have done this have murdered peace, let him or her rest no more. May the soul of the departed rip.

  2. God have mercy on humans. RIP and never leave your killed to go unpunished with his/their own blood in Jesus Name Amen!

  3. On a more serious note ,what the hell is wrong with some heartless monsters!
    This young man chose a life outside crime to earn his living and they still went after him & killed him .
    Where did he go wrong ?
    WHY ?!
    This is pure wickedness, this is ugly !
    This is EVIL !!!
    I wonder what was going through his mind during his last seconds before his death.
    This is just too much. Death by strangling! Jeez!

    Just like what the other commentators said, may the killers never have peace of mind till they are caught.
    So so, sorry for his wife and kids.
    May God see them through and help them heal. So sorry.

  4. What a world? Could this murder be attributed to stealing from the farm land? Only God knows the motive behind this barberic and cowardice act. God of vengeance will rise up for this lost soul.

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