Photo: GEJ Rice Floods Nigeria Ahead Of 2015 Election As Jonathan Seeks To Eliminate Poverty

jonathan bags rice poverty alleviation

Jan 9, 2015 – Picture: GEJ Rice Floods Nigeria As Election Date Draws Near, Jonathan Seeks To Alleviate Poverty With 5kg Bag Of Rice

If you have not received your own 5KG bag of rice from Jonathan campaign team, is either you live far away from Jonathan or you’re a die hard fan of the opposition party.

Folks all over the country especially the youths have started receiving their own portion of the poverty alleviation bags of rice.

The new initiative for the new year is to alleviate poverty and reduce economic stress through stomach infrastructure.

Have you received your own bag of rice?

25 thoughts on “Photo: GEJ Rice Floods Nigeria Ahead Of 2015 Election As Jonathan Seeks To Eliminate Poverty

  1. How can food eliminate poverty? I think job creation will be better. Get this into your thick skull Jonatan

  2. Jonathan think getting PhD in Zoology is the ultimate, He doesn’t know what is doing, Buhari would better than him Jona. Let’s try Buhari for another of our 4yrs.

  3. I havent o. We schooling in the south east, unizik, awka anambra state to be precise havent o. As a member of YETA, and a die hard supporter of GEJ re-election, it behoves that I have one o. Na we, students, need am pass. Up Jonathan, up PDP, up Nigeria.

  4. Rice ni? Hagadaaaaaa bagajiiiiiiii. Wetin is we want from you is voiring? Is wayo. Hajajajajaja. Abeg make I stop. I de mad? See as I de shout like Mrs Ohio Alias Eranko.

  5. But seriously, dis us not good can somebody be this selfish. Is not nice.GEJ you know ure not a good president. You urself you know. Y re u just selfish. Please just sad….we don’t want you again abi kilode nor

  6. Dis guy is clueless.
    Is the rice money from his salary? OR how e take get money for rice if e no steal am. Any friend ,family or acquaintance that pays for rice distribution will colleCt their money back 20folds. Das how dis country is robbed blind. PLEASE COLLECT THE RICE AND STILL VOTE THIS CLUELESS GUY OUT.

  7. Rice dat poor masses wil not get just rich wil stil consume it anyway me i never get or see any rice o & oga jonathan no bi rice we need now na security, employment, light so numerous to mention not bcos election is on d way u wil bgin to share rice like one better person. Personally i dn’t anytin against but i hate it wen u just look & do nothing wen tins are goin wrong, allowing pple to take u 4 a fool dat cannot do nothing to help d masses not dis common lighttt frm dis NEPA or wateva dey are called now. Abeggggi

  8. I dnt need his Rice 2 cast my vote 4 him. By d special grace of d Chritian God, he‘s nt gono move out of dat Aso Rock 4 any bullshit jihadist extremist 4rm any Association of Past Criminals party. APC.
    God Himslf will 4bid dat coz HE (God), is interested in d affairs n welfare of Nigeria.

    God will NEVA allow sb who‘ll change d con3 4rm whr HE‘s gettn 2ru worship n prayers 4rm HIS Children, d Christians, 2 a con3 dat will stard directin dia worship 2 sm gods lk dat unda duress. IMPOSSIBLE!

    Unless if our God in nolonger on HIS Throne anymore. Bt so long as HE is still living n eva shal b, no unbeliever will eva again rule dis con3 Nigeria, dats made up of 75% Christians n 25% muslims. N E V A !!!

  9. I better remain poor n hv d franchise 2 serve my GOD N 2 practice my religion w/t any fear or obstruction, dan 2 b a multi-Trillionaire n being 4ce 2 serve certain five gods combine (allah) unda duress, I mean wt a gun pointin @ my head or a sharp dagger on my neck.
    Simply bcz d suppose oga on top (Buhari) ordered it so. God 4bid.

    • Old boy, You are still working hard to sell this yamayama president online…. Just make sure you save all the money they give you to cure all the ***** coming your way ooo.

  10. Jonathan intent to kill Nigerians by feeding them with Rice thereby promoting diabetic because the end product of carbohydrate (Rice) is Sugar which can prone people to diabetics. Jonathan as a learned individual should have known better that providing necessary resources and skill will put more food on people’s table than to feed them for one day and think you have done them a big favour. My question to all Nigerians is do we have any other food order than Rice? All we know to eat is rice, rice, rice which is not really too good for our health. We are so dependable on Rice to the extents that we have forgotten all other indegenious food. That is why we are getting more sickening with these foreign food. By now our government should have explored more on better food through agricultural research and education instead of wasting our money on unnecessary program and stacking them in their foreign account.

  11. Americans and other developed countries go to the poll to vote bad performers out, they do not focus on other candidates favored by that decision.
    Just go and vote the bad performer out.

  12. 5kg of rice for 4 years. When I struggle to power my house with generator, when virtually all my friends that spent their birth right are still unemployed. By the way where did he get this rice, china of course.

  13. The President seems to have forgotten that Nigeria is on the brink of a civil war. He is more concerned about using rice to buy votes. The people need to demand more, instead of the buffoonery taking place among the political elite, headed by the president.

    Hundreds of thousands more are going to die, unless the President take the “hooligans” seriously and, at the same time, clamp down on the squandering of the resources of the nation to provide a bit for all.

    How does one defend the rising number of people buying private jets and overly expensive motor cars, while so many cannot buy a decent meal?

    There is great danger on the horizon!

  14. shine you eyes nigerian this is not ordinary rice they enchanted the rice in such a way if any one eat must work for PDP talkless of voting them be wise dont be civil slave & be carefull with PDP people my country people wish you the best of all

  15. @ Lanre, GEJ, has neva visited my Sta8 b4 let alone knwn who z even existin in d sta8.

    Bt I can neva vote 4 a religious fanatic, islamist extremist, jihadist lk buhari, who has no gud healthy ageda 4 d Nation, oda dan 2 islamized d con3 n spread sharia all ova d Federation, N E V A!!!

    So Lanre, dia z no moni involved here, nt even an expired pay slip. Just expressin my views n dos nt call 4 any insult.

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