Photo: Generator Explosion Kills Father & 2 Daughters In Somolu Lagos

generator explosion kills father daughterWura(M), Shaki(R)

April 7, 2016 – Picture: Explosion Kills Father & Daughter While Pouring Petrol Into Generator Near A Burning Stove In Somolu Lagos

Alhaji Kamorudeen Ajibade and his daughters lost their lives earlier this week in a tragic explosion that rocked their house in Somolu area of Lagos.

The incident which happened around 10pm on Tuesday at No 5 Adebiyi Street in Somolu area of Lagos killed 65-year-old Mr Ajibade and his two daughters (19-year-old Wuraola and 15-year-old Shakirat).

The deceased was pouring petrol inside his generator beside a burning stove when Shakirat held the torchlight for him.

Few minutes later, the generator exploded on the two.

The sound of the explosion caught Wuraola’s attention who fell into the fire while trying to rescue her dad and sister.

The wife of the deceased, Mrs Rachael Ajibade fled the scene naked with her last child when the whole house went up in flames.

May their souls rest in peace (amen).

10 thoughts on “Photo: Generator Explosion Kills Father & 2 Daughters In Somolu Lagos

  1. This is a horrible/sorrowful news. Mr Kamorudeen Ajibade made a terrible mistake that cost his life and his daughters,why would he be pouring fuel beside a burning stove? I believe we’re not perfect,we make mistake at times,but this is a terrible mistake. May God give his wife the fortitude to bear the lose. Rip to the departed souls

    • @olanrewaju, he wasnt pouring it inside the stove,he was pouring it into the generator tank close to a burning stove… that just the problem we are facing in Nigeria, had it been there is 24/hr electricity will all this problem happened,.. even little country called benin republic have constant electricity.. Nigeria is doomed

  2. Tragic. Why would they make that kind of mistake? May God comfort this woman!

    We should learn to NEVER refuel our generators in the proximity of a naked flame or while it is on.

  3. Very sad news. Generator is not supposed to be kept beside burning stove whether the gen is on or not. RIP father and daughters and may God grant the widow the heart to bear this loss.

  4. when death starts calling,you loose your senses
    how can you be at close range pouring an explosive spirit next to a burning stove/fire

    was it that you guys wanted to make use of the generator in the kitchen or what really happened

    since apc gained entry into the center,its been massive deaths,
    whats happening
    i blame buhari,if there had been stable electricity,this tragic incident wont have happened


  5. A sad story, may their soul rip…wonder’s keep raveling day by day.. Dis should be a lesson 2 all

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