Photo: Ibadan Restaurant Waiters To Use Hover Boards To Serve Customers

restaurant waiters hoverboard ibadan

August 31, 2015 – Picture: Ibadan Restaurant Waiters To Use Hover Boards To Serve Customers

The hover board craze that started with Wiz Khalifa and May D has reached the ancient city of Ibadan in Oyo State Nigeria.

A high class restaurant located inside Ventura Hall in Samonda area of Sango Ibadan has invented a new way of making their customers feel special.

According to the owner of Latitude Cafe, from now on, their waiters will start serving customers food using customized hover boards.

No be small craze!

8 thoughts on “Photo: Ibadan Restaurant Waiters To Use Hover Boards To Serve Customers

  1. I beg, wetin be “Hover Boards”? I have lived in the U.K. and U.S.A. cumulatively for 25 years and have never seen this kind of things being used in Restaurants. Is it to speed up service or what exactly is the purpose? I feel sorry for these employees, if they fall and snap (break) their necks, who will take responsibility for them and their families? You can’t even depend on an ambulance to rush people to hospitals, which are under-funded and lack the basic amenities and equipment to adequately diagnose and treat them. Why risk your lives? This is completely devoid of common-sense. How big are the Restaurants that waiters have to use what I would call skate boards to serve customers? What if they fall, break the glass plates/cups and cut into their veins, severing their arteries? Think of all the risks before embarking on a dangerous venture. Goodluck, guys.

    • @Lola I agree with you
      That lady hasn’t started riding it yet she looks like someone about to fall, i pity her

  2. I love your comments, guys. What is wrong with their legs? So the Restaurant owners are now implying that man does not have to walk with their God-given legs? Nobody in the modern world would embark on this crazy venture, as there are labor laws protecting employees from injuries at work, that can be very costly to the employers. This is Civilization gone mad!

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