Photo:Lagos Court Registrar Oluronke Rosolu Faints As Judge Jail Her For 10 Years Over $300K Fraud

lagos court registrar jailed

December 21, 2015 – Picture: Lagos Court Registrar Oluronke Rosolu Faints Inside Dock As Judge Jail Her For 10 Years For Duping Ex-COAS Bamaiyi Of $300,000

For allegedly conspiring with others now at large to dupe ex-Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Bamaiyi of his hard earned $330,000, a Lagos court registrar has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

EFCC accused Mrs Oluronke Rosolu of collecting the aforementioned amount from Bamaiyi under false pretenses.

lagos court registrar jailed fraud

The mother of 3 young children collapsed today as Justice Lawal Akapo sentenced her.

“I do not know anything about the money, what is going to happen to my children.” – said Mrs Rosolu before she collapsed.

9 thoughts on “Photo:Lagos Court Registrar Oluronke Rosolu Faints As Judge Jail Her For 10 Years Over $300K Fraud

  1. Was properly investigation carried out to ensure we are not charging the wrong person what if she is innocent
    I don’t understand this justice system

  2. If truly she committed the offence, 10years for $330k, then the likes of Dasuki and Madueke should get life, justice should be served without discrimination

  3. i hope it was not a selective judgement, a vendata for pay back time as a staff of the LSJ.
    maybe, a sign of weeding out corrupt officials

  4. Ten years imprisonment is too harsh, draconian and unconscionable in a country where those in authority are stealing millions and billions of Naira and dollars from Nigeria’s money. I hope the Judge will have a heart and show compassion on the woman’s three young children. Two years in jail would suffice. I say this as a practicing attorney in New York. Would the sentencing have been different had the “victim” Bamaiyi been a “nobody”? As much as we need to set examples and weed out excessive corruption and theft in Nigeria, making scapegoats of the underdogs will not achieve the desired goals. Oga Judge, please have mercy.

  5. Ok madam i wish u all the best.The problem in our country is our judicial system.Let us see the no of yrs that will be given to Dansuki,Mdadueke,Dopeksi etc.

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