Photo: Mother Dumps Dead Baby At Ikorodu Lagos Bus Stop

dead baby ikorodu lagos bus stop

Feb 8, 2014 – Picture: Woman Dumps Her Dead Newborn Baby At Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria Bus Stop

If you take a closer look at the above picture, you might think the baby is sleeping… but he is not. He is dead.

The innocent newborn baby boy still looks fresh meaning he might have died few minutes before help arrive.

The dead body of the innocent little one was found dumped at the popular Benson bus stop in Ikorodu area of Lagos state Nigeria yesterday.

Passersby who saw the baby thought he was sleeping, some of them gave up after all attempts to revive him failed.

Some people living in the area said they heard the cry of a baby around the place few hours before he was discovered alas! they came too late.

Oh God our creator, who could have done this to such an innocent baby.

How can a right-minded mother carry her pregnancy to term and end up killing the baby.

What kind of evil is this.

Please my people if you know any pregnant woman whose pregnancy has disappeared suddenly and can’t account for it around this place, let us notify the police. Whoever did this must not go unpunished.

God please take the soul of this gift of yours and grant him eternal peace in your bosom. #crying #wicked world

12 thoughts on “Photo: Mother Dumps Dead Baby At Ikorodu Lagos Bus Stop

  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh God. I have been married for more than 10 years now without an issue and this stupid woman killed her baby.
    This is evil this is evil this is evil. Am losing control Oh God I promise to keep my baby if u ever give me one, I will adore him or her forever.

  2. Police sshoudl get to the bottom of this case. I believe his mother is one of those one night stand girls parading the streets carelessly

  3. My people his mother might not have killed him. May be she delivered him herself and something went wrong

  4. I read in this site last week that a mad woman gave birth on the street of ikorodu with help of some women….the women took the babe to oba of okorodu but after some hours there..the oba refuse to attaind to them or give them directive on what to do with the babe…the novice women took the babe to bus stop and drop the little angle there with his/her mad mother….. How sure are we this is not the same babe?

  5. @ joesphine D God whom I serve ll Bless u wit ur own children.learn to prophesy positivity on ur lyf. In no distant tym u ll smile

  6. If the baby isn’t needed it is better to be donated for stem-cell research,its cells could help a paraplegic someday!

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