Nigerian Housewife Fakes Own Kidnap To Force American Husband To Relocate Her & Children Abroad

nigerian woman kidnaps herself american husband

July 15, 2017 – Photo: Nigerian Woman Kidnapped Herself In Ibadan To Force American Husband To Relocate Her & Children Abroad

A 37-year-old woman has been arrested for staging her own abduction in order to convince her American husband that life in Nigeria is hard.

Meet Bukola Ogun who staged her kidnap in Ibadan on the 4th of July 2017.

The fake kidnappers she hired stormed her home on the aforementioned date at 7:45pm and kidnapped her. 4 hours later, they called her husband to demand N10million ransom.

Sadly, the bubble bust when the fake kidnappers Olalekan Anafi and Kayode Adepoju were arrested by police. They later confessed that madam Bukola Ogun hired them.

On hearing of their arrest, Mrs Ogun left the hotel where she lodged herself in Imalefalafia area of Ibadan.

She told police she planned her own abduction to make her husband see reasons why they should relocate to the United States.

Her confession:

Her husband, a citizen of the United States returned to Nigeria after securing a job at the Nigerian stock exchange. He married Bukola Ogun 6 years ago and the couple have two children.

Here is what her cousin, Kayode Adepoju who was one of the fake kidnappers said:

Unknown to Bukola Ogun, her husband had already started the process of relocating them to the United States before she kidnapped herself.

This is what happens when people run ahead of God.

10 thoughts on “Nigerian Housewife Fakes Own Kidnap To Force American Husband To Relocate Her & Children Abroad

  1. It is understandable. Now her husband should not capitalize on her antics and drop the process. After serving punishment from Nigeria police, she should be able to travel. Matter of fact, her husband should be able to secure her release. Everyone makes mistake. She was frustrated. Next time she should exercise patience especially if the husband doesn’t neglect his responsibilities to her and her children.

  2. So even the Yorubas is in this game too and people always calling the igbos all sort of names when it comes to criminal act. #Both 3 names are the Yorubas#
    Just saying!

  3. THE PROBLEM HERE is when self staged kidnapping becomes a trend, even when a real kidnap case takes place, people may not believe its authenticity.

    Let‘s stop giving Evans boys on the run a reason to regroup and strike again.
    They are very angry wherever they are right now as you are reading this comment.

    I take a stroll…

  4. The husband should please see through the mirror of this woman and realize she did what she did out of frustration and the hardship of living in Nigeria. Again if the husband had told her he has started the process of relocating them to America I don’t think she would have done what she did. Let this be a big lesson to her never to nurse ulterior motive or commit crime to get what she wants. Now she may serve some time in police cell or get some jail time.

  5. what she did was completely wrong, what if her husband or any relative died out of shock?
    Married you 6yrs ago with 2 children,which means he never leave you alone and you want to be ahead of time….who knows what you will do when you get to America in other to get what you want from your husband.
    You could have acted alone instead putting those guys in trouble.


    • The story didn’t say her husband was planning to relocate to Naija. Please read it properly.
      He is a Nigerian American who returned to Nigeria after securing a job at NSE. He met his wife in Nigeria 6 years ago. She faked her own kidnap to force her husband to process her paper and that of her children so they can relocate to America

  7. ********* for being so judgemental !! Let the law take it’s own course. Husband and wife will reconcile and be together with their kids. Happy Ending !! ((Check your own life before commenting on someone else))

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