Photo: Nigerian Man Arrested In Brookline Pittsburgh Over Rape & Kidnap, Samuel Okorie Jailed

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Sept 11, 2014 – Picture: Nigerian Man Arrested In Brookline, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Over Rape & Abduction, Samuel Okorie Jailed

Pictured above is a 29-year-old Nigerian man identified as Samuel Okorie who currently lives on Fallowfield Avenue in Brookline area of Pittsburgh.

The man whom neighbours described as a quiet man was accused of kidnapping a 21-year-old lady from a gas station on West Liberty Avenue and then raping her.

Samuel Okorie was arrested on Sunday morning at his home after a lady ran to his neighbour to complain about him.

According to police, the lady said Samuel approached her from behind at a gas station, grabbed her cell phone and pushed her into a nearby bush where he raped her before dragging her into his home where the rape continued (How possible???).

The lady told police she later escaped and ran to a neighbour’s home on Sunday morning.

Hear what the neighbour told police: “the girl had her shoes in her hands and was shaking uncontrollably, screaming, ‘Help me! Help me!’”

“The girl started crying louder and louder, yelling, ‘He raped me and he’s going to come and get me,’” .

The woman called 911 immediately, and police came over to arrest the alleged rapist.

Samuel Okorie had been jailed in Allegheny county jail after he couldn’t meet his $150,000 cash bail. His hearing is scheduled for next week Monday.

Chei, this world oooo, when he was dragging her at the gas station, how come nobody called the police.

Then what about the surveillance footage from the gas station? Hope this is not another romance turned sour story.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerian Man Arrested In Brookline Pittsburgh Over Rape & Kidnap, Samuel Okorie Jailed

  1. This is a pure setup because the man broke her heart
    men be careful who you bring to your house. She might even be a prostitute

  2. I am no go biliving this story in all. The girl is no be simonkuit, is enjoy, for the man is no hav gun or pump action to be force her or she die. She was will in it. After enjoyment, she just hala police and shout rape. She is lie. Lieyer.

  3. There are many holes in this story. How can a man rape you in the bush and later drag you inside his house to continue raping you knowing fully well he is setting himself up to be caught. I think she went with him willingly to his house for sex and when he could not pay her the agreed amount, she called it rape knowing that American courts do not play with rape. It carries 16 year sentence. If after investigation and it proven beyond reasonable doubt that it happened as the girl said, then let him bear the consequence.

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