Photo: Nigerian Student Found Dead In Georgia’s Jail “Mathew Ajibade Starved To Death” – Family



Jan 9, 2015 – Picture: Nigerian Student Dies In Georgia’s Prison, Family Says Matthew Ajibade Has Bipolar Disorder & Starved To Death

A Nigerian upcoming artist and student identified as Matthew Ajibade has died after he was neglected and starved at a prison facility in Georgia.

The deceased was previously arrested following a domestic abuse case involving his girlfriend however at the time of his arrest, his girlfriend told the police he is suffering from bipolar disorder and even showed them a bottle of Divalproex pill, a drug used in treating bipolar disorder and seizures.

Ajibade’s girlfriend who called the police on him was seen with a brutalized face and the suspect was subsequently arrested.

Authorities said 22-year-old Ajibade was placed in an isolation cell because “he became combative with deputies while being booked and his behavior was deemed dangerous.”

After over 48 hours of neglect, dehydration and starvation, his corpse was found in his prison cell at Chatham County jail.

Maxine Evans Jason Kenny

The above deputies (Cpl. Maxine Evans and Cpl. Jason Kenny) have been placed on paid administrative leave in connection to Ajibade’s death.

His brother said Ajibade’s health worsened at the time of his arrest and needed medical attention but he was locked up in jail with no medical treatment.

Late Matthew Ajibade was born in Lagos State Nigeria. He was a computer science student at Savannah Technical College in Savannah Georgia.

May his soul rest in peace.