Photo: Nigerian Teacher Who Beheaded Pastor’s Grandchild In Ijebu Ogun State Confesses

teacher beheaded student pastor grandchildEdet Umoren

March 7, 2016 – Picture: Nigerian Teacher Who Beheaded Student, Pastor’s Grand Daughter In Ijebu Ogun State Confesses, Says Demons & Spiritual Attack From Family Caused Murder

Edet Umoren, a teacher who beheaded an innocent girl in Ijebu area of Ogun State last week has confessed to the murder.

The father of three said he beheaded his employer, Pastor Joseph Olitoye’s grand daughter at Favour Nursery and Primary School in Ijebu Imushin last week Thursday because a demon entered him.

His confession:

” It is not an ordinary that I killed the girl afterall, they(she and her grandfather) have been provoking and attacking me verbally without me doing anything bad and never felt annoyed.
“I was actually going to the bush to fetch a cane for use in my class when I saw and I used the cutlass on her. I was not myself whwn I took the cutlass and killed her. I believe it is a spiritual attack from my family. “I really regret the whole thing because I have my three children in my village, that is why I said it is not an ordinary when I came to back to my senses after the deed has been done,”.

52-year-old Umoren who hailed from Ikot Epene area of Akwa Ibom State said he wasn’t himself when he beheaded 10-year-old Precious Olitoye last week at Esugbo in Itamerin.

RIP to that innocent girl.

17 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerian Teacher Who Beheaded Pastor’s Grandchild In Ijebu Ogun State Confesses

  1. Last time when it was published that a teacher(Edet) beheaded his employers grand daughter all because of 8k. I felt sad, cos an innocent soul’s life was cut short. I said “Edet shall know no peace because he has murdered peace”. My take on this, let it be an eye for an eye.

  2. Wot a shame…i was also surprise wen i heard d news initially, bcos someone can not just do such a thing wen knowing clearly dat he ill surely be caught

  3. When the deed is done they claim its the work of the devil. I think this man is under a spell or his probably possessed by evil spirit

  4. Apart from your brothers and sisters, do you have demons as siblins or uncles? Well, since you said it was a demon from your family that entered you, then I’m going to leave it at that. It is just that the demon will not suffer with you.

  5. The hangman gallows is blood thirsty just bc nobody has been hung there for a long time now.

    So,Pls executioners, dont waste dis living dead‘s time much longer. He already knew where he belong.
    After the whole exercise, we shall explain to his family how the devil was responsible for our actions.

    But just b4 then, let me….


  6. no wonder his salary is 8k for two months, he looks like somebody teaching lunatic studies. which kind mad looking teacher be this ?

  7. Must everything blamed on the devil. Wicked man, you did on purpose ok. Stop accusing devil. Nonsense. RIP little girl

  8. Since its an attack from your family…Then face the penalty but its a pity they wont be there to suffer with you…..Why weren’t you sent to your children at first

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