Photo: Nigerians Who Kidnapped Chinese Boss After Salary Cut Arrested… Read Their Confession

nigerians kidnapped chinese boss lagos

June 3rd, 2016 – Picture: Nigerians, Construction Workers Who Kidnapped Chinese Boss After Salary Cut Arrested… Read Their Confession

The staff member of a construction company who allegedly kidnapped their boss, Hang Kumming have been arrested.

The suspects identified as 28-year-old Taye Videgnonz from Benin Republic; 26-year-old Amos Loco ; 32-year-old Segun Oluwadare and 37-year-old Adebowale Johnson reportedly invited Ijaw kidnappers to kidnap their boss this past weekend.

On why they kidnapped the Chinese National, one of the kidnappers, 26-year-old Amos Loco said:

“My boss is too wicked. He used to cut salary over any slightest provocation. I thought if we kidnapped him, we could get some money from him.”

“We treated our boss well after we kidnapped him. We fed him fried rice.

My brother, Michael, used to buy the food for him. I was the one who gave information on his movements. He was about to leave when the kidnappers came to the office and kidnapped him.

The kidnappers hadn’t even demanded ransom before police came.

“After our plans failed last year, I continued my job as a driver. The plan was that as soon as I resume work by 5am on that Sunday, they would use advantage of the open gate to come in and pick up my boss.

Our plan worked and we took him to a forest behind our house at Igando, Ibeju, Lekki. “I was arrested after Mr. Ken, who is a contractor with my company, called in the police and they arrested me as a suspect. It was during interrogation that I confessed to the police.”

Mr Kumming was kidnapped around 5am on Sunday. He regained freedom on Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerians Who Kidnapped Chinese Boss After Salary Cut Arrested… Read Their Confession

  1. I dont even know what‘s giving all these flat buttocks chinese men the effrontery to treats Nigerian bad both in their country AND IN OUR OWN Land too.

    However, kidnapping him was a wrong way to tackle this issue.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Dialog not kidnapping should have been the best option. Now you guys are in hot soup. I think the Nigerian senate and reps have passed the law prescribing death penalty for kidnapping and other related offenses. Tell the truth, you guy were playing around not doing your job and he cut your pay after several warnings.

  3. chinese people are always like that ,over usein our people has become their culture but never the less kidnapping the idiot is a bad advice is that we Nigerian should stop working for them at least for years so DAT they will learn how to respect people like us.

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