Photo: Notorious Robber Attacks Policeman On Patrol In Ikeja Lagos, Idowu Nojeem Arrested

robber beatup police ikeja lagos

April 21, 2016 – Picture Of Serial Pickpocket Arrested For Beating Up Policemen Under Ikeja Lagos Bridge Today

Notorious Robber Beatup Policeman On Patrol In Ikeja Lagos, Idowu Nojeem Arrested

Meet Idowu Nojeem, a notorious pickpocket who was arrested in Ikeja Lagos today for allegedly beating up a Police officer on patrol under the Ikeja bridge.

The 32-year-old suspect battered Sergeant Oladipo Adetumbi after stealing his phone.

It was the timely intervention of his colleagues and his bravery that saved him.

Eyewitnesses also accused the suspect of stealing their phones in Ogba area of Lagos.

10 thoughts on “Photo: Notorious Robber Attacks Policeman On Patrol In Ikeja Lagos, Idowu Nojeem Arrested

  1. When you no find police man trobul, they are hold you and say you find trobul. Now wey you have find their trobul, you are a finisher. When they have finish you, you go know say the road is dey far from Jerusalem to Jeriko. See your face like Idumota round about.

  2. To rob and beat a policeman on duty and be arrested is tantamount to jumping into a hungry Lion“s den.

    When you get to their office, they will give you the beatings of your life that all the beatings and torture you had ever recieved since you were born till that moment cannot be quantify with it.

    See im face like monkey wey bullet narrowly miss. You don enter one chance nah.

  3. Chai, This guy is really heartless man! ogoboju ole , his lucky he has not been shot dead. you will suffer well, nonsense.

  4. Kill him! If he can rob police and almost kill police on top, then imagine what he can do to civilians in the future.

  5. You need Jesus in your live, so while in jail or cell, receive Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour before it is too late.

    Robbery and pick-pocket is not a hobby or way of livelihood.

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