Photo Of Innocent Boy Killed By Police Officer At Festac Lagos Fuel Station

police kill boy filing station festac lagos

April 7, 2016- Female Civil Defence Corps Member Kills Innocent Boy Mistaken For Black Market Operator At Filling Station In Festac Lagos

Picture Of Innocent Boy Killed By NSCDC Officer In Festac Town Lagos Over Fuel

The young boy simply identified as Dijo was accused of hawking fuel at a filling station in Festac Lagos yesterday but while he was pleading with some NSCDC officials at the station, a female officer opened fire on him and fled the scene with his colleagues.

A source said at a point Dijo challenged the officials for allegedly destroying jerrycans filled with fuel and for daring to correct them, the official shot him at point blank.

Rather than rush Dijo to the nearest hospital, some petrol hawkers at the station attempted a futile attack on the NSCDC personnel.

Policemen from Festac were later brought in to restore order to the place.

police kill boy festac filling stationPhoto of the victim

May his soul rest in peace.

18 thoughts on “Photo Of Innocent Boy Killed By Police Officer At Festac Lagos Fuel Station

  1. The federal government should ban civil defence from using gun in this country. The extrajudicial killing is getting out of hand! This their gun is really intoxicating them, they now see themselves as the highest force. God have mercy on ur children! Rest in peace Dijo.

  2. Soldiers are brutal, trained to kill. Yet I don’t remember a single case where any military personnel trigger-happily shot a human being dead. But look at these paramilitary people handling guns as if they are toys bought for them by their parents! Their women and their men are just the same.

    I hope this lady does not get away with this.

  3. A para-military like Civil Defence is not surposed to be given guns but catapults and sticks. Even at that, a female corps are not surposed to handle riffles at all bcos of their swift reactions to issues.

    Women have just one heart with one way thinking attitudes. They take a decision without a backward look whether good or bad.

    Can‘t forget to continue my strolling…

  4. Gosh wat kind of life is dis?how wil u feel if dis was ur broda?plz we should stop killing or taking lifes bcos we cannot create or make a single hair white or black.I wish God can bring him 2 life immediately,as 4 d officer knowone knows 2morrow and d evil dat men do lives wit them Nt after them.

  5. it is not proper to kill those you are meant to guard. It is better to arrest illegal fuel seller than killing them. May God help us in this country

  6. Civil Defend are now CIVIL KILLER?? Very soon now the Bank security and house gate man go start using guns, from their guns everywhere

  7. Rip,may ur killers not go unpunished!!,chic d answer to your question is that he went to play football at d filling station,,,smweshhhhhh

  8. Just like dat…are we in d military rule or what? Wot z all dis nonsense all abt…God should save us 4rm dis present govt ooo

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