Photo Of The Day: Grandma’s Christmas Rice

grandma christmas rice

December 30, 2016 – Photo Of The Day: Grandma’s Christmas Rice

That moment when all your cousins and siblings are back and grandma prepared Christmas rice in her little kitchen…every bowl becomes a serving plate!.


Say something about your grandma if she is awesome!!!

8 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Grandma’s Christmas Rice

  1. Yes we remember….. Those of us God granted the Grace to have loving grandmas do remember that scene with nostalgia !
    God we do thank you Sir …. And pray for grace to establish beautiful and worthwhile traditions in our homes that our family members would also remember with tenderness.

    Thanks NaijaGist !!!

  2. How can folks use buckets to get their portion? These are not plates ke, look at the size of each portion; this is a symbolism of how wickedness and greed are nurtured right from homes. This picture would have been a perfect topic for post graduate studies because we need to know the what, when, how and why(s) in these characters. A very good psychology student should be able write three pages of postulation on this simple picture.

  3. My grandma was a wonderful woman like no other who remained very active especially in the Things of God till her death.
    Chai… Really missed her now!
    May her gentle soul REST IN PERFECT PEACE. (Amen).

    I just have to move on by taking a stroll…

  4. I’m just trying to imagine if we don’t have Rice in this world. Most people will get sick because of our dependency on Rice especially we Africans and Asians.

    The White Caucasians can survive because their diets do not require much Rice. The most unfortunate part of this is, we don’t really do much to grow rice locally. Stop importation of rice and adopt a good way to grow rice locally if we want to make it permanently as part of our favourite foods.

  5. my grandma was my best friend, comforter, adviser and above all my role model. I love my grandma so much and I miss her badly. Missing her food on festival periods like dis.crying

  6. Grand ma is the best, so happy and thankful to God she’s still alive and very strong even in her late 60s.

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