Photo Of The Day: Nigerian Culture At Its Best


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April 28, 2013 – Photo Of The Day: Nigerian Culture At Its Best

We use to borrow their culture and now they’re the ones copying us. Isn’t it.

CULTURE defines a people. If she can do it, why do some of our ladies want to lose it ? Hot topic of discussion but not for the sentimental minds i tell you.

I will continue to say it; show and acknowledge the positive aspects of your culture and others across the world would help you appreciate it. That some say is wrong does not mean its wrong nor bad….Tell me i am wrong….

It’s indeed amazing that white people value and appreciate our culture more than we do.

5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Nigerian Culture At Its Best

  1. this very good,white woman in nigeria dress and way of back our kids.for me she is nigeria cos marry to our brother forget her skin clouor.

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