Photo: Patience Jonathan Donated Expired Rice To Bayelsa Women, Mothers Hired For Pro-Jonathan Rally Lament


patience jonathan expired rice bayelsa

Nov 14, 2014 – Picture: Patience Jonathan Donated Expired Rice To Bayelsa Women, Mothers Hired For Pro-Jonathan Rally Lament

Several women mobilized to rally for Patience Jonathan’s employment programme in Bayelsa state yesterday were disappointed when police used tear gas to send them home empty handed.

The women were invited by the First Lady to rally for her women eempowermentprogram but on getting there, the empowerment program turned into a political campaign for Goodluck Jonathan’s 2nd term.

Patience Jonathan reportedly rewarded the women with a bag of rice each but many of them left empty handed when they discovered that the rice they were given have expired.

While protesting being hoodwinked by Mrs Jonathan, policemen on duty tear gassed a couple of them forcing them to run home.

One of the women who couldn’t hold her anger, Prese Dressman said Patience Jonathan is a deceitful woman.

“We came from our communities since 5 a.m.; I have not eaten and stayed under sun and rain, and now they are sending us home with empty hands.” – Prese said.

Another woman, motorist, Stella Honesty, wondered why the President’s wife was coming to give Bayelsa women empowerment items to the people this late in her husband’s tenure.

She said; “Is it because general elections are around the corner? In fact, if I were some people, I will reject any empowerment. Where was she all this while? Some of us have refused to be deceived by this political gimmick. Look at the kind of suffering one is going through because she is coming. Must she create tension each time she visits anywhere? I have been trapped in this trafficlogjam fora long time fora journey that would not have been more than 30 minutes.”

They came for empowerment and left empty handed… who can beat that??? Na Naija we dey o.