Photos: 1st Nigerian King Ruling Without Queen, Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo Says American Wife Divorced Him

nigerian king without queen

Jan 13, 2015 – Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo Makes History As 1st Nigerian Divorcee King After American Wife Files Divorce

1st Nigerian King Ruling With No Wife, Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo Says American Wife Divorced Him

The traditional ruler of Nawfia community in Njikoka LGA of Anambra state has made history as the first Nigerian King without a wife.

Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo was married to an American lady before relocating to Nigeria to take over his late father’s throne. He mounted the throne in 2001 after the murder of his father.

See excerpt from a recent interview with him:

How did the stool get to you even though your father was a traditional ruler before he died?

When my father died, the cabinet members in Nawfia met and decided that I should take over the throne – I suppose they did that pos­sibly in consideration of how my father died. Their letter was delivered to me by Barr ister Uba Anene, which stated that I should take over the regency. What was in the constitution was that upon the death of the Igwe, the Chair­man of the Cabinet would take over.

You seem to live alone. Do you have a wife and children?

I married an American lady who could not cope with the requirement of my position as a traditional ruler. I have two children who are based in America. They come whenever we plan for them to come.

Because I know that my palace requires a woman to take charge of domestic responsi­bilities, I am now ready to take another wife, who should come from this part of the world. I know that some people do not want me to take a wife and have therefore, been sabotaging me, but I will not allow them to overwhelm me. I am now decided.

Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo

Where did you meet your divorced wife and what attracted you to her?

She was working as a supervisor in old peo­ple’s home in US before I married her.

I was attracted to her because of certain qualities I saw in her – her beauty, intelli­gence, character, etc. She was nice to me. I am however not an American and at the end of the day, I had come to settle in my country and in Nawfia, my community.

What led to your divorce?

She could not cope with the demands of my position as a traditional ruler. When I became the traditional ruler of Nawfia, I settled in the community and was visiting my wife in US every three months. She was not comfortable with that and sued for divorce. She alleged abandonment.

Do you have concubines?

I do not have any concubine, but I have friends of opposite sex. I do not have a wife at the moment and am not a homosexual, so I should naturally have female friends and not concubines.

What were you doing before you be­came a traditional ruler?

I was in America before I came back to be­come the traditional ruler. In America I had a successful construction company – Feddy’s General Contractors Incorporated.

Do you have any business of your own at present?

I have my own business even as a tradition­al ruler. What government gives to traditional rulers in this part of the country is so meagre that one cannot depend on it. What I receive in one month is less than what I pay to one of my staff in one week, so I have to carry out my business in order to survive. I have a house in Port Harcourt and still do my business there.