Photos: 2 Nigerians Arrested With Heroine & Cocaine At Ikeja Lagos Int’l Airport


nigerians arrested cocaine heroine mmia

March 24, 2017 – Photos: Nigerian Arrested For Attempting To Export Cocaine Into Dubai, Another Arrested With Heroine At MMIA 

The NDLEA arrested two men yesterday at Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport in Ikeja Lagos.

The first suspect, 37-year-old Roland Chukwudi Tochukwu was caught while trying to import 2.05kg of heroine into Nigeria .

Roland Chukwudi Tochukwu

The other suspect 39-year-old Nnaemeka Maduka Peter was caught with 1.6kg of cocaine on his way to Dubai.

Nnaemeka Maduka Peter

According to the NDLEA, the suspects who hail from Anambra state will soon be charged to court.

4 thoughts on “Photos: 2 Nigerians Arrested With Heroine & Cocaine At Ikeja Lagos Int’l Airport

  1. Is only drug. So why is pipul shock? Even me weyris smoke igbo can not posibul make NDLEA catch me. I am Fela Anikulapo Kuti weyris come back to life.

  2. They should thank God that they were caught at our airport in Lagos, if they were caught in any Arab nations or Southeast Asia, they would have been killed or beheaded. I still don’t know why our people are taking such risk and morally destructive journey in the name of “Get Rich Quick” mentality. Nigerian youth should go back to our first investment – Agricultural snd become multimillionaire quickly and easily through hard labour instead of engaging in dirty, high risk, and all sort of immorality. They will learn their lessons in prison. There is no excuse to for any Nigerian to engage in drug business, its as a result of laziness and lack of vision and passion to make money in a legitimate way. Wake up Nigerian youths!

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