Photos: 2 Nigerians Caught Hiding Cocaine Capsules In Their Anuses Confessed To NDLEA

nigerians cocaine anuses

September 22, 2016 – Pictures: 2 Nigerians Who Inserted Cocaine Capsules Into Their Anuses Confessed To NDLEA

2 desperate Nigerians, Lucky Ifedigbo and Okechukwu Okonkwo have confessed to NDLEA officials why they inserted cocaine capsules into their anuses.

cocaine in anuses

44-year-old Okonkwo and 37-year-old Ifedigbo had different cover up stories to gain sympathy from NDLEA officials.

The suspects reportedly inserted 7 wraps of cocaine each, weighing 350 grams into their alimentary canals to evade arrest.

nigerian insert cocaine in anus

Okonkwo said that he accepted to smuggle drugs because of frustration and also because he needed money to leave Brazil.

Ifedigbo on the other hand said he became a drug courier because he was looking at the profit margin. NDLEA agents arrested the suspects at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos, on Nigeria-Brazil route.

They were arrested during the inward screening of passengers on a Royal Air Maroc flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil through Casablanca, Morocco. The agency recovered 700g of powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine from the two suspects.

Okonkwo said: “I was stranded in Brazil where I worked as a waiter in a restaurant for two years. Life was awful as I struggled daily to feed myself. When I was contacted to smuggle cocaine to Nigeria, I was very happy because it was an opportunity to return home.

My sponsor also promised to pay me N500,000, with which I had planned to start a business.”

Ifedigbo, who has also spent two years in Brazil, described his arrest as a stroke of ill-luck.

He said: “I’m a businessman. I import female shoes from Brazil since 2014. 

This arrest is just bad luck for me because I was already calculating my profit from the deal.” 

6 thoughts on “Photos: 2 Nigerians Caught Hiding Cocaine Capsules In Their Anuses Confessed To NDLEA

  1. Frustration led u to it and same frustration would lead u to d prison. More are yet to unfold maybe d next would be in the stomach. How could people be playing with sensitive parts of d body like this, what if it opens in there!? I wouldn’t say what will happen after that cos u sure know what will happen.

  2. What silly excuses are they giving? You both insert cocaine in your anuses???????????? some can do anything for money. In as much they gets that money they care not about others feelings. Clueless souls.

  3. Chaaiiiii !!! What would have happened if you had to go to toilet in the aircraft ? You would have excreted your “business” down the toilet, or do you have some back up plan for re_ inserting same in event of such occurrence ?

    Just so so ( throwing up my hands and shaking my head in exasperation). Speechless !!!

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