Photos: 28 Pounds Of Stool Removed From Colon Of Constipated Man Who Didn’t Poop For 20 Years


28 pounds stool removed from man intestine

June 13, 2017 – Pictures: 28 Pounds Of Poop Removed From Large Intestine Of Constipated Man Who Didn’t Poop Properly For 20 Years

Chinese Surgeons Remove 28 Pounds Of Faeces From Man’s Large Intestine After 3-Hour Surgery

A 3-hour operation has brought relief to a 22-year-old Chinese man identified as Zhou Hai.

The patient is battling an hereditary disease called Hirschsprung’s disease.

At a very tender age, his abdomen began to swell until he looked like a full-term pregnant woman.

When he had difficulty breathing, he checked into hospital where doctors diagnosed him with the disease.

The patient who relied on laxatives hasn’t had the opportunity to poop properly since 1997.

He recently did an operation at the 10th People’s Hospital in Shanghai, China.

The operation was carried out by Doctor Yin Lu and his team at the aforementioned hospital.

The surgeons successfully removed an accumulated mass of faeces that weights 28 pounds from his colon.

Zhou Hai is expected to fully recover.

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28 Pounds faeces man belly