Photos: 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 11, Injures 192 In Tanzania Today

earthquake tanzania 2016

September 10, 2016 – 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 11, Injures 192 In Northern Tanzania

At least 11 people died today in northern Tanzania after a deadly 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit an area near the country’s border with Rwanda and Uganda.

Worst hit is the northern city of Bukoba with over 70,000 residents.

The aftershock was felt as far as Kenya. The dead toll of this natural disaster is currently at 11 while over 192 sustained injuries.

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5 thoughts on “Photos: 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 11, Injures 192 In Tanzania Today

  1. disasters everywhere. God please forgive your people.. i just imagine the earth cracking and opening and people start falling into it without notice it such a bad thing.. i pray we will never experience such.. Nigeria is been blessed and caressed for by God he just love this country too much


  2. This is another natural disaster confirming bible prophecy regarding the end time of the world we live in.

    What particularly made this earthquake significant is not even the magnitude of it destruction,but the continent where it happen. Although earthquake is not an uncommon event in South Africa but its rare in other part of the continent.

    That made this occurrence or incident more worrisome. That also shows other part of the african continent are no longer save.

    In fact in recent months probably june this year also if I could recall,the “Nigeria Association of Water-well drilling rig Owners and Practitioners” (AWDROP) called on the Federal Government to take measures that could reduce the effect of earthquake particularly in the Niger Delta region.

    The organisation listed 6 states in Nigeria that are now known to be at greater risk of been struck by earthquake.

    So therefore,we now have the risk of been caught by one. Let’s not pray for that.

    Although natural disaster cannot 100% be prevented but its equally important the Federal Government heed the strong warning and guidance provided by this organisation so as to reduce or prevent any collateral damages and casualties resulting from the earthquake the country may later experience in the future.

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