Photos: 5 Yahoo Yahoo Boys Arrested By EFCC Near FUTA In Akure Ondo State Identified

yahoo yahoo boys arrested akure

July 26, 2016 – Pictures: 5 Yahoo Yahoo Boys Arrested By EFCC Near FUTA In Akure Ondo State Identified

5 undergraduates are now at EFCC custody for allegedly duping some foreigners of N16 million. According to the Ibadan Zonal Office of the EFCC, four of the suspects are from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) and one from the Adekunle Ajashin University, Akungba (AAUA). EFCC said the suspects, Adeleke Paul (21), Adebiyi Tayo Abudu (22), Akinsanmi Olusola Adeniyi (21), Ogundile Ademola James (23) and Okali Ugochukwu (21), defrauded foreigners and other victims through scam mails.

EFCC got wind of the suspects’ activities through intelligence gathering. EFCC operatives recovered a 2006, black Toyota Highlander marked Lagos LND 112 EG, 2010 light- green Toyota Camry (Muscle) marked Lagos AAA 850 EF, laptops, three Apple iPhone 6 and three Blackberry phones from them.

Some implicating documents were also found and downloaded from their laptops. Paul and his co-travellers, who are known as Tsunami Gang and Young Pablo Money, allegedly swindled unsuspecting foreigners and others to the tune of N16 million by engaging in fraudulent activities and obtaining money by false pretences through scam mails.

The suspects were picked up at an Off-Campus residence, located at Anuoluwapo Close, Stateline Hotel Road, off FUTA South Gate, Akure, Ondo State. Paul is a 300 student of Building Technology, while James and Olusola are both 400 level students of Agricultural Resources and Mathematics respectively. Okali is a 200 level student of Urban and Regional Planning, while Adebiyi Tayo is a 300 level student of Mathematics at AAUA.

23 thoughts on “Photos: 5 Yahoo Yahoo Boys Arrested By EFCC Near FUTA In Akure Ondo State Identified


  2. cant EFCC concentrate on politicians who are sharing our national wealth in BILLIONS? What is their concern with PICK-POCKET BOYS??????

  3. Twisted mathematical brains. They have not yet graduated and already they have achieved advanced level thievery as yahoo.con-men. Is it lack of employment that is the excuse in these instances that these young people are still in school and under the care of parents and guardians?
    God please save our county!!!

    • Guy abeg go bck to elementary to start afresh….is dat Hw ur mate spell children. U are a disgrace to AAUA

      • @mr.D,next time read a sentence carefully before you reply,it’s u dat suppose to go back to elemantary school,cos huchennar said shildren according to JENIFA voice…

  4. DE country is so hard politicians stealing money and efcc and police are chasing poor boys ..stupid country!!! its a clear game being played by d men wit intelligence acumen(wisdom) dis ,education is less important but wisdom is needed to win dis games.if u cn b able to write nd read,d door is open for u to learn nd play,If u dont want to reap whr u dont sow,u cn neva b a victim of dem.pple shud stop being greedy,whitemen wanted to chop them too,but they were lucky to b smarter to chop whitemen.pls tk idea,find an excuse nd release dem but dnt encourage dem.

  5. I don’t see anything bad in what they did Dan spending the money without no plans for their life’s….. EFCC IT’S WE BE BETTER U EMPLOY DEM SO THAT THEY CAN HELP YOU WITH DOES HEAD OF 419 IN OUR COUNTRY….. *********S…… FUTARIAS ARE TOO TEC…

  6. He no go better for you people called efcc! People stealing from the government of nigeria how many one una don arrest, na God go punish all of you called efcc and the nigeria government it self. Those guys use what the av to get what they want after all is not your father money, do you no how many investment nigerian politician invest in abroad stealing nigeria money to do such thing efcc did not do anything. A nigerian man has the second best hotel in dubai. You people did not aask where he got the money from. Now you stupid people called efcc arrest fraud in nigeria what else again they will go jail abi! with the situation of nigeria now none of think about what to do about the nigeria government stealing money. Useless people with the fucking country! After all am not encouraging does guys oo, let them serve for what they did! but you people also should check una trousers idoit people

  7. Jimmy Odeh! Peter thanks for letting mugu like Mosco understand cause he de inside d politican darkness,efcce collect ur cut allow Boiz come back street where de belong.

  8. He no go ******* for this country…the stupid woman that stole 90 billion dollars where she dey now …she dey her palace dey enjoy now ogun go kill all of una including buhari,

  9. Lol those boys has been released after efcc collected their own share of the money..Chikena that’s all they wanted

  10. nothing good news again in this country Nah only bad news everyday by day Wetin you won young boys do Nah….. does idiot and fool calling they are self’s leaders d way they are took our father’s land money but efcc no dey this country Nah only yahoo boys, kidnapping and rapping news…. I think this money no be your papa or your mama Nah oyinbo know Wetin they are find on internet I believe anything wey your eyes see for night rain you no go tell people… shey oyinbo people no get any bad thing dat more than this or Wetin but they always keep their problems in their self please leave yahoo boys let fight what good pass make I no lie you out of police officers in this country male and female 70% of them Nah yahoo police but Nah them they arrest yahoo most…..i see this as a shameless to you efcc…

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